FOR ART’S SAKE: Eyewear for the Modern World

| Fashion Eyewear from London-based eyewear brand ‘For Art’s Sake’, an emerging brand that is one to watch for the future of fashion.

For Art’s Sake is an independent designer accessories brand based in London, creating innovative, unique designs for sunglasses that celebrate fearlessly individual style.

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The label’s new see-now buy-now collection of sunglasses for Autumn/Winter ’18 takes the idea of high school cliques and clichés and uses it as a way to explore the different elements of the ‘IMPERFECTIONIST’, which is a term created to describe creative, adventurous people who are unafraid of looking imperfect in order to achieve something new. Consisting of eight personalities that represent the varied nature of the ‘Imperfectionist’, the campaign is a colourful, exaggerated, and tongue-in-cheek celebration of young, creative people in today’s society.


In For Art’s Sake’s continued effort to push the boundaries of what eyewear can look like, the collection focusses on brand new colour-ways for translucent lenses, and design-led stainless steel frames with creative silhouettes. For this collection, the devil is in the details. In one model, clam shells open on the side of the lenses to reveal miniature pearls, inspired by the iconic Boticelli painting, The Birth of Venus. In other styles, frames that overlap and extend beyond a single plane create a 3D silhouette, which mark this collection out as one of the most experimental yet.

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The collection will be available to purchase online on the 31st March, 2018, and will be stocked at premium retailers worldwide soon thereafter. Find out more at

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