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  • FFD's Weekly Reading Roundup

    Posted: March 26, 2017 Posted: March 26, 2017
    FFD's Weekly Reading Roundup

    |This week's must read fashion news include the rise of ecommerce, H&M Conscious Collection and Millenial Pink.

    This week we've been talking about Mothers Day (it's today BTW so call your Mum!), The memefication of Chanel, Our 5 favourite fashion Illustrators and asking if investment pieces are worth the price.

    But what have we been reading?

    Outlook for Mall Retail Worsens as Shoppers Find Inspiration Online"Shoppers aren't just showrooming at stores and then buying the same items online if they can find better prices — it's a more significant separation from the mall."

    H&M Conscious Collection 2017"H&M has answered all of our prom-night prayers with its latest Conscious Exclusive collection. (OK, OK, maybe not all, but certainly some of the most major of big-day woes.) As part of its latest collection, H&M has debuted the perfect prom dress for the girl on a budget —and as an eco-friendly option."

    A cultural history of “Millennial Pink,” the Instagram-ready hue of our age "If there’s one thing The Devil Wears Prada taught us, it’s that we normal plebeians just aren’t smart enough to understand fashion. And reading New York’s lengthy new article on the apparently pervasive color “Millennial Pink” is a bit like having Miranda Priestly lecture you about the difference between turquoise and cerulean."

    Why We Have A Romantic Type "Why do we gravitate towards the people we do when it comes to relationships? You may have a checklist of qualities against which you measure potential significant others, but the science behind who we’re attracted to – and end up getting serious with – is a lot more complicated than that."

    We Can’t Actually All Be That Busy "When did we start invoking work to get out of life? Basically, why are we all so busy?
    The phenomenon of “peak busy” isn’t constrained to the wild world of men who don’t want to date me. In spite of being a generally honest human, I’m a serial peak busy offender who often creates meetings, looming deadlines and work stresses to get out of doing things I don’t really want to do."

    Cache In The Attic: Inside Chatsworth's House Style: Five Centuries Of Fashion "When Laura Burlington decided to search the Chatsworth storerooms for a christening gown for her son, she also found five centuries of fashion… and an exhibition was born."

    6 Types of clothing you should get rid of right now "Streamlining your wardrobe is easy when you focus on the pieces you hate, the clothing that gets overlooked are near-perfect or practical (yet unwanted) items that keep their place in your wardrobe almost by default because they are so easy to miss. These rogue items remain on the rails because they aren't easily spotted yet are taking up space and cluttering up your style."