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  • FFD's Weekly Reading Roundup

    Posted: April 30, 2017 Posted: April 30, 2017
    FFD's Weekly Reading Roundup

    |Must reads this week include Sustainability in fashion and the art of being alone.

    This week we have been talking about fashion revolution week, drooling over some Coachella realness and planning trips to Newcastle. But what have we been reading at the Fashion Fix Daily office?

    Here is our round up of the best fashion news and must read articles from this week.

    Fashion Revolution Week: Six Ways To Shop Mindfully "WHO made the clothes you’re wearing right now? It’s a simple enough question. But four years on from the Rana Plaza disaster, it’s more important than ever that we keep asking it."

    The Art of Disclosure: Fashion’s Influence Economy and the FTC "As the importance of native advertising continues to grow, are brands and digital influencers coming clean with consumers about the deals that power fashion’s influence economy?"

    What to Wear to an Interview: 9 Looks to Score Your Dream Job "What to wear to an interview? We’ve done our fair share of discussing the perfect outfit for the job, and while we feel like we’ve provided some helpful advice along the way, it’s also fair to say that there really is no set-in-stone rulebook for this kind of thing."

    Behind the Scenes of a £2trillion industry "The ethics of a £2 trillion fast and cheap fashion industry are under the spotlight this week as shoppers updating their spring wardrobes are being asked to look beyond the labels and think about who’s making their clothes"

    Sustainable style: will Gen Z help the fashion industry clean up its act?
    "Unravelling and remaking the entire clothing industry seems a daunting if not impossible task, but there are signs that a younger generation of consumers will demand something different, and a wealth of new brands are offering it. Sustainable clothing is, finally, being seen as a desirable option, with a smattering of cool brands rejuvenating the market. And a sprinkling of young celebrities championing it – perhaps most notably Emma Watson, who recently set up an Instagram account to document her eco-friendly fashion looks."

    Learning to Be Alone "People aren’t that comfortable with solitude."

    Is Falling Asleep In Your Makeup Actually That Bad? "Not long ago, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to admit that she sometimes sleeps in her makeup in a bid to preserve it (hey, she's a busy woman), while international makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has revealed that her husband has never seen her without it – in fact, she wears eye makeup to bed every night."

    Image - Vogue