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  • FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up

    Posted: May 07, 2017 Posted: May 07, 2017
    FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up

    |Let's talk about the Chanel Cruise Fashion Show, Vivienne Westwood and Trump!

    This week we've been talking about the best Drag Shows on Youtube, the best outfits from the Met Gala and the unspoken anxiety disorder, but what have we been reading? Here are the stories that have gotten the Fashion Fix Daily team talking.

    5 Things You Need To Know About The Chanel Cruise Fashion Show"After blasting us all into space at Paris Fashion Week, Chanel decided to take us back in time last night for its ‘La Modernité de l’Antiquité’ themed Cruise 2018 Collection, inspired by ancient Greece."

    Counting on the USA: Fashion, Trump and America's $500 Billion Trade Deficit
    "Fashion’s three biggest product categories account for over 22 percent of America’s trade deficit. Can anything be done about it?"

    How Diverse Were The Spring 2017 Ad Campaigns?"Despite pressure from the media (and, often, from models themselves) designers and their ad campaigns continue to underwhelm as far as diversity is concerned."

    vivienne westwood and andreas kronthaler are using creativity to save the world"As the beloved husband and wife design-duo are shot by Tim Walker for i-D's Creativity Issue, we discuss fashion, activism, and changing the world. The message today is SWITCH. There's never been a better time."

    5 Ways I’m Changing How I Think About My Body "Last year I put on a little weight. It was a modest gain — about one small cat’s worth of pounds, hardly enough for anyone to notice. If I told you how much I’ve worried about it, I’d have to kill you. It’s embarrassing. More frustratingly, it’s often in spite of my best efforts."

    The Women's March Is Organizing a National Sit-In"May 8 marks six months since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency, and the people behind the Women's March want to send the message that millions of Americans still don't support Trump's administration, his agenda, or the members of Congress who follow him. As a sign of protest, they're instead turning to a great American pastime: civil disobedience."

    Is Feminism Sexist? Nope, And Here Are 6 Reasons Why "With women's rights being one of the major platforms in the 2016 presidential race, the conversation surrounding feminism is currently highly visible. Despite the increasing awareness of the movement, though, one very persistent question is keeping pace: Is feminism sexist? In a word, nope — an answer which feels like it should be obvious. Still, an Internet search will quickly yield many men and women who have sunk their teeth into this anti-feminist rhetoric. And, because it is a conversation that is both relevant and important, the debate over feminism being a sexist enterprise merits further discussion."

    image via Marie claire