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|This week’s must read fashion news include Cultural Appropriation at Coachella and Minimalism versus Maximalism.

This week we have been talking about the best apps for fashion lovers, how to meditate when you are stressed as hell and THAT twitter storm about Instagram Fraud. But what have we been reading at the Fashion Fix Daily office?

Here is our round up of the best fashion news and must read articles from this week.

How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation at Coachella "Stripping a cultural object of its significance and donning it like a costume is the very height of disrespect. It’s not just ignorant; it’s dehumanizing and incredibly painful. Go to Coachella, dance in the sun, watch Lady Gaga perform, Instagram every moment, and have a blast €” just don’t do it at everyone else’s expense."

This Ace Body Positive Instagram Illustrator Is Everything You Need Today"As the weather heats up and wearing jumpers becomes less and less of a thing, it’s easy to start worrying about what it is that you’ve been covering up all winter. Of course, what you’ve been covering up is your body. Your excellent, beautiful body, which you should show off precisely as you fancy, without fear of judgement."

The State of Fashion Immediacy "’See now, buy now’ was supposed to realign the industry’s media and retail cycles and boost sales. But as several market leaders revert to the old model, questions are piling up."

Theresa May’s Snap Election: What You Need To Know "The next general election was due to be held in May 2020, but the PM has decided to jump in sooner by proposing a vote on June 8. She will still need the assent of the House Commons, although this isn’t really any stumbling block: while Labour are behind in the polls, Jeremy Corbyn says he €œwelcomes€ the election – it would look weak if an opposition party refused to take up the challenge."

How the UK retail sector is sailing into a perfect storm "The retail sector is struggling. Bellwether Next has returned to recession-stricken times with its first fall in profits since the recession and John Lewis, long held up as a bastion of the industry, is cutting jobs and its famous staff bonus in order to safeguard its future. Meanwhile, a slew of smaller high street rivals, including Jones Bootmaker, Jaeger and Blue Inc, are shutting shops and being put up for sale as their owners look to secure a means of survival. So what’s causing the chaos?"

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Minimalism is Boring: 3 Maximalist Approaches to Spring Dressing "It has taken me a long time to verbalize what I truly am: a maximalist. I mean this in every sense of the word. When it comes to dressing, I will always choose to add another layer or bracelet. My idea of a beautiful photo involves a stuffed trashcan toppled over in the middle of a busy intersection, and emotionally speaking, I reject steadiness, objectivity and lukewarmness with the conviction of a piranha seeking prey."

Charles Jeffrey loverboy and the importance of doing things your own way "In three short years, Charles Jeffrey and his Loverboy cohorts have exploded onto the London fashion scene in a tirade of paint, tailoring and glorious DIY. As Tim Walker shoots behind-the-scenes at his autumn/winter 17 show, we meet the inimitable loverboy himself."

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