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  • FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up

    Posted: April 09, 2017 Posted: April 09, 2017
    FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up

    |This week's must read fashion news include, Adidas 3D-Printed Shoes, Jil Sander and next season's style trends.

    This week we have been talking about everything from Getting through wedding season stress free, Dealing with Mansplaining and asking if the Government should really be in our whatsapp messages.

    Bu what have we been reading?

    Here is a round up of everything the FFD office have been talking about this week.

    Adidas to Mass-Produce 3D-Printed Shoes "The German sportswear firm plans to mass-produce sneakers with 3D-printed soles as part of a broader push to react faster to changing fashions and create more customised products."

    Jil Sander Gets New Creative Directors; Emilio Pucci Loses One "Another week, another round of designer musical chairs in the creative studios of top-tier European luxury houses. On Thursday, Emilio Pucci announced the abrupt departure of Massimo Giorgetti, and Friday brought the appointment of the husband-and-wife team Luke and Lucie Meier as joint creative directors at Jil Sander."

    Youth Artists Ayqa Khan and Andrea Rojas Discuss the Pressures of Being in the Public Eye “I have to consistently push and coach myself through being vulnerable with the public.”

    The Copycat Economy "Do knockoffs harm the fashion business? Or does copying keep the wheels of the industry turning?"

    The importance of community in fashion "It’s time for people to work out their own way of living, against the system, or alongside it. Self-created groups. Invented families. Communes. Thankfully, among the world’s young fashion designers, Sarah Mower can already see this happening."

    Why Adult Friendship Makes Me Sad Sometimes "Wasn't this easier when I was younger? Being a good friend and being good at adult friendships are not the same thing."

    This is how you’ll be dressing next season "The fashion world is, as ever, already asking what’s next, and so it seems the designers have been quicker than ever to release their next advertising campaigns. These are the best fashion and beauty advertising campaigns that show how we’ll be dressing in the coming season."

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