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  • FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

    Posted: March 19, 2017 Posted: March 19, 2017
    FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

    |This week's must read fashion news include Fashion Politics, Female Icons and Relationship Closure, from Nylon, ID, Paper Mag & more!

    This week we have been talking about BNTM & our unlikely beauty heroes, the love hate relationship we have with denims and why street wear brands & high end luxury don't mix, but what have we been reading?

    Of Price, Populism and Politics. Also, Pearls and Pants. "It’s been a complicated week for politicians and luxury fashion, on both sides of the Atlantic. First, François Fillon, the embattled conservative candidate for president of France, currently lagging in third place and charged on Tuesday with embezzlement, was accused by Le Journal du Dimanche of having received “presents” from an unidentified friend in the form of 13,000 euros (about $13,880) in custom suiting from Arnys."

    How Daria served as the ultimate antidote to 90s bro culture "Two decades after Daria premiered on MTV, the sardonic teenager has come to represent a lot of things to a lot of people. She is the patron saint of smart girls, a testament to the power of inverting cliches on TV, and a great argument against getting laser-eye surgery. But above all, Daria Morgendorffer is one of the 90s's greatest weapons against bro-culture."

    A Lesson in Relationship Closure "It was summertime and Jonny chose the Manhattan-bound F train as the proper location to tell me that he “wasn’t feeling it anymore.” Our respective plus ones, whom we forced together to create a makeshift double date for a comedy show in Park Slope, sat across from us and politely pretended they found the opposite end of the train fascinating. To say I was thrown for a loop would be an understatement."

    Givenchy have replaced Riccardo Tisci with the brand's first female creative director "A wise women once said that in fashion one day you're in and next you're out and if today has taught us anything, it's that that's the the damn truth. Givenchy has shimmied on over to Chloé and swooped up Clare Waight Keller as the replacement for much-lauded Kardashian fave Riccardo Tisci."

    7 Femme Icons To Inspire You Right Now "In the days leading up to Women’s History Month, I noticed a particular rumbling on Twitter. Though there’s normally some digital brouhaha surrounding everything from impending think pieces to glorious memes, this year, the tone felt slightly different. There were constant reminders, voices piping in one after another, saying, 'please, include all women.'"

    Why Vetements is Moving to Zürich "Three years after launch, Vetements is leaving Paris for Zürich. Chief executive Guram Gvasalia told BoF that his brother Demna Gvasalia, creative director at Vetements and artistic director of Balenciaga, sees the city as a clean slate."

    Hope St interviews Julia Seemann "One of the best things about the fash­ion industry today is that is truly is glob­al. Gone are the days when you had to live in one of the “big four” cit­ies to make it as a design­er. In fact, many cre­at­ives find­ing them­selves liv­ing in less crowded, more inspir­ing loc­a­tions often have a fresh per­spect­ive on and added depth to their work. We met with Zurich-based design­er, Julia Seemann, to talk about life as a design­er in Switzer­land and how it feels to have Rihan­na pluck your pieces straight off the run­way."

    Header Image via Nylon