FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up 30.07.17

|Tim Walker, China’s Internet Disruption and Alexandra Van Houtte. Here are your fashion must-reads this week.

This week we’ve been talking about the Trump effect on Fashion, the most stylish horror movies and why everyone should take an Ancestry DNA Test, but what have we been reading? Here are the stories that have gotten the Fashion Fix Daily team talking.

Tim Walker shoots all-black cast for 2018 Pirelli Calendar "A reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, it features a stellar cast including Naomi Campbell, Whoopi Goldberg, RuPaul and Puff Daddy"

Inge Prader brings Gustav Klimt paintings to life using models and props "For the stylebible of this year’s life ball in Vienna €” an annual AIDS charity event €” photographer Inge Prader has recreated the impression of the Vienna secession by bringing the painted personages of Gustav Klimt to life. Carefully posed models and intricately crafted props duplicate some of Klimt’s most iconic masterworks like ‘death and life’ and ‘Beethoven frieze’, mirroring the gold hued, highly decorative and erotic aesthetic the Austrian artist became best known for. richly ornamented costumes clothing warriors and women alike are situated alongside semi-nude figures and set against detailed mosaic backdrops, projecting paradise-like conditions that truly characterize Klimt’s ‘golden phase’."

On Rushing "A few years ago, I made a very conscious decision to slow down my relationship with consuming things. That included predominantly fashion, but also extended to other material and non-material domains, including media. It began as a response to seeking out a more sustainable way of existing. What I didn’t realize at the time is that slowing down as a consumer would eventually help me see how fast I was moving as a human being. How frequently I was rushing through my life. I look back now on all the little moments I passed over in pursuit of the next and I ask myself: why was I going so fast?"

See Also

How China’s Internet Disruption Is Impacting the ‘Wang Hong’ Influencer Economy "WhatsApp is the latest service to be disrupted by China’s digital clampdown, but commercially motivated changes to Sina Weibo could be even more damaging for the ‘internet celebrity’ influencer economy."

Meet the woman who has created a Google for fashion "Sometimes an idea seems so simple that most people can only see pitfalls. That’s what happened when Alexandra Van Houtte first pitched tag-walk.com to what turned out to be her toughest crowd: her family. Her vision was to build an online resource that stocked every look from every show in the four main fashion capitals, and additionally, group them into themes and trends. She saw it as a weapon for people working in the industry, but in less than twelve months it has become a magnet for anyone interested in fashion. €œMy parents kept saying, ‘This is so obvious, surely it’s been done already,’€ the ebullient 28-year-old recalls."

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