FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we've been talking about the fashion rules that are made to be broken, the new Miu Miu Campaign and the devastating fact that NARS are no longer Cruelty free, but what have we been reading? Here are the stories that have gotten the Fashion Fix Daily team talking.

Confusion Reigns at Paris Couture "At a disjointed couture week invaded by ready-to-wear brands, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli delivered the most touching show of the season."

The artist calling BS on your ‘motivational’ Instagram feeds "False body positivity, wellness and clean eating – Laura Callaghan goes after the pseudo-aspirational aesthetics of the modern age"

YOU’RE GETTING HUSTLED BY BUSTLE "Corporate-owned media, especially in the past several years, is interested in publishing feminist content first and foremost to make money for advertisers and investors on a group of consumers who have historically been difficult to sell to. That feminist content itself may be informative and fun and activist-minded, but ultimately, it’s just a tool used to bring both the eyeballs and the user data of those tough-to-reach consumers to one convenient place (#squadgoals)."

Why We ALL Need to Be Activists Right Now "Way too many Americans think about politics in the way of the Olympics — like it’s some big event that happens every few years, all but forgotten until the ad campaigns start up again. That’s unacceptable from an intellectual perspective and also a practical one. America the idea wasn’t magically complete because a bunch of white dudes in wigs wrote their names in fountain pen. The Declaration of Independence was always intended as a beginning, the formation of a dynamic entity that requires input, participation, and occasionally protest. The past few months’ spike in political action has been painted as radical, but it should be closer to a core requirement for daily life in this country. Or, a bit less romantically, if America wants to be exceptional, we need to stop treating democracy like a self-cleaning litter box."

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A Conversation About Life After Vogue With Lucinda Chambers "A month and a half ago I was fired from Vogue. I phoned my lawyer; she asked me what I wanted to do about it. I told her I wanted to write a letter to my colleagues to tell them that Edward [Enninful] decided to let me go. And to say how proud I am to have worked at Vogue for as long as I did, to thank them for being such brilliant colleagues. My lawyer said sure, but don’t tell HR. They wouldn’t have wanted me to send it."

The Great Big Pride Debate "‘Pride in London’ has become somewhat of a joke among many members of the LGBTQIA+ community in recent years. There was the UKIP fiasco of two years ago, the Red Arrows flypast last year and the absurd, illogical, infuriating, invalidating advertising that prioritised straight people this year. It is as though the organising committee gets together to think of the most inclusive potential option for this yearly parade and then does the exact opposite."

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