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|Cultural Appropriation in Fashion, Heidi Klum and Lidl and Sustainable Style – read this weeks must-read news from FFD.

This week we’ve been talking about London’s Rising Fashion Stars, The Best Cocktails in Belfast and Asking the big ol’ baby question, but what have we been reading? Here are the stories that have gotten the Fashion Fix Daily team talking.

Fashion Does Not Need Cultural Appropriation "Calling out cultural appropriation does not kill creative license, it simply forces those who control the narrative and means of distribution to cite their sources, argues Darío Calmese."

As Heidi Klum teams up with Lidl, have we reached peak fashion collaboration? "The supermodel and the supermarket; Heidi Klum has this morning announced her next business venture, a fashion line produced with German discount groceries chain Lidl, due out later this year."

Fashion with a conscience: Why sustainable fashion is the next retail frontier "Facilitated by social media, consumers have become more vocal regarding sustainable issues, making it imperative for retailers to offer visibility over their material procurement and apparel production practices. Accordingly, the growth in sustainable fashion has come from retailers launching dedicated sustainable collections (such as Mango’s Committed collection), broadening existing ones (such as Zara’s Join Life and H&M’s Conscious collections), and expanding the presence of sustainable products in core collections."

Gucci Restort 2018 "Alessandro Michele was quite honest: He wanted the Parthenon in Athens for his Gucci Cruise show. That’s how high and free the ambitions of this brand soar these days. €œAt the beginning, everything started in the Mediterranean, the Greek and Roman cultures,€ he said. €œBut we couldn’t have Athens, so I went to the next big step in civilization, the Renaissance, so we came here to Florence, the fascinating metropolis of the past, the place which had the power of big money. Like,€ he smiled, €œNapa Valley now.€ (A slip of the tongue: Silicon, we assume.)"

The documentary exposing the dark reality of fast fashion "The fast fashion industry has come under much scrutiny in recent years, with documentaries and journalistic exposés revealing the inhumane conditions suffered by factory workers worldwide at the hands of multi-million dollar clothing chains (not to mention the buyers turning a blind eye to the question of where their clothes come from). But while there’s certainly a greater awareness surrounding such issues, the fight for a more ethical approach to fashion is far from over – a point hammered home in Machines, a poignant new film from first-time director Rahul Jain."

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See Also

When Punk Met Glam at Max’s Kansas City "In the New York punk scene of the mid-Seventies, it was important to pick a side. "Some people were Max’s people, some were CBGB people," explains transgender proto-punker Jayne (formerly Wayne) County."

The Revolution is Starting: Vetements Pulls Out of Fashion Week "Isn’t it amazing when the obvious becomes revolutionary? Like when Marc Jacobs sent models down a silent, bare-bones Fall/Winter 2017 runway and our minds were blown, or every time fashion discovers the white tee? Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia €” a man who drops jaws with mere sweatshirts and too-long sleeves €” has made an art form out of this. On Friday, he announced that he and his brother Guram were pulling out of fashion week, a decision that seems completely wild, if not totally preposterous, for a young brand on a meteoric rise, one that sent me into a dramatic chicken-little frenzy of terror (€œThat’s it! The industry as we know it is officially over!). Yet it makes so much sense."

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