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  • FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up

    Posted: June 04, 2017 Posted: June 04, 2017
    FFD Weekly Fashion Round Up

    |This week we've been reading about Reni Eddo-Lodge, Millenial Women and Alexa Chung.

    This week we've been talking about What not to say to your tattooed friends, who the best ethical fashion bloggers are and if "doing What You Love" really is the key to happiness?, but what have we been reading? Here are the stories that have gotten the Fashion Fix Daily team talking.

    Reni Eddo-Lodge on why it really does matter if you’re black or white "“Welcome to the most ornate café in Walthamstow.” London-born journalist and now-author Reni Eddo-Lodge has sat down opposite me in what could be the most baroque establishment north of St Paul’s Cathedral. There are gilded curlicues on the ceiling, wood tables lacquered to a shine, with mirror, brass and glass covering most other surfaces. Which feels like an odd juxtaposition to the surly waiter with his grubby tea-towel and the transvestite gentleman sat on the next table with over-the-knee boots. This is not where I imagined we would meet. But during the past few weeks while I’ve been reading, and rereading, Eddo-Lodge’s debut book Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, which looks at the systemic racism that runs through Britain today."

    Why millennial women are burning out "Millennial women are leaving their jobs more than their male counterparts, and it isn’t because they are becoming mothers."

    Strangers Write Their Biggest Regret On Public Board. All Use The Same 3-Letter Word. "On a random street in New York City, a compelling prompt, written on a life-size chalkboard, awaited passerbys. The question: “What’s your biggest regret?” You’d think that answers would run on a completely different basis, as everyone has something individual going on in their lives, right? But as time went on, and more and more responses accumulated, a theme appeared."

    "Cat Cuddler" Is A Real Job That A Vet Clinic Is Hiring For, Your Time In The Sun Is Finally Here "Attention all recent grads and/or people looking for the career opportunity of a lifetime: you can now apply for a job as a “cat cuddler.” Let me say that again: you can get paid actual human money to cuddle with actual feline cats. “Do what you love, love what you do” suddenly makes so much sense."

    Your First Look At Alexa Chung's New Fashion Label "Following sellout collabarations with the likes of M&S, AG Jeans and Madewell, Chung is finally getting a brand of her own. Heavily referencing her own wardobe, the 145 piece collection has a retro feel with lurex dresses, crochet separates and striped suits."

    Read More M&S Hires Fashion Novice to Run Clothing Division

    We Choose To Go To the Moon " It could be the fact that I’ve spent more time at home, camped out on the sofa with Nico permanently attached to my chest and a roster of distractions on Apple TV. I’ve somehow found myself reliving the decade of the Space Race by rewatching Mad Men (I like to shuffle play the episodes in non chronological order just to prove to myself that the writing of that show reigns supreme), binging on the documentary series The Kennedy Files, along with its declarations of “We choose to go to the Moon” and also catching the brilliant film Hidden Figures, about the role of African-American mathematicians at NASA, when I was flying to Los Angeles. It’s not so much the intricate science of space but more the idea of getting there and unravelling the mystery of the skies beyond that makes that 1960s journey of reaching this new frontier so compelling."

    More Than One-Third of Teen Girls Have Experienced Depression, Study Finds "We've known for a while that more teenage girls experience depression than teenage boys, but it turns out the problem may be worse than we once thought. According to a new study, more than one-third of teenage girls experience depression."

    Header Image from Susie Bubble.