FFD's Fashion News Round Up 20.08.17

This week we've been talking about Sam McKnight, fashions most Iconic Hairdresser, We've listed the most instagrammabale places in SoHo &
we've found the most effective way to hide spots. But what have we been reading this week?

Matches Fashion Is Up for Sale

  • The Retailer is said to be selling a large stake in the company - What will this mean for sales?

  • Clean Eating Comes Under Fire

  • Clean eating has fallen uner some tough alligations. - WGSN expores the next food trend.

  • An Alternative To Consumerism Does Exist

  • By 2030 it is predicted that we will be using two Earths worth of resources Per Year - Demand for clothing will rise exponentially, is it time to put the brakes on now, to avoid disaster?

  • Fur-Free Is The Future Of Fashion

  • The August issue of Vogue Paris features Gisele B√ľndchen proudly covered in Faux Fur - Retailers Net-a-Porter, Armani and HUGO BOSS have announced Fur Free Policies.

  • How Glossier Hacked Social Media

  • The Beauty brand are preparing for mass expansion, - So how did Emily Weiss go from blogger to CEO?

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