FFD’s Fashion News Round Up 17.09.17

| The Gucci Meme Campaign, LFW Emerging Designers and NYC Street Style have been at the top of FFD news this week.

In the past few days, we’ve been writing about Gucci Fashion Memes Emerging Designers at London Fashion Weeks, and an New York Street Style.But what have we been reading about? Here is the Fashion Fix Daily round-up of the top fashion news headlines from around the web.

H&M foundation launches third annual global change award, announces groundbreaking recycling solution

  • The H&M Foundation just announced a groundbreaking solution to recycle blend textiles into new fabrics and yarns, without any quality loss, through a hydrothermal process. The finding is referred to as a major breakthrough in the journey towards a closed loop for textiles.
    For too long the fashion industry has not been able to properly recycle its products, since there’s no commercially viable separation, sorting, and recycling technology available for the most popular materials such as cotton and polyester blends. This very encouraging finding has the potential to change that. Find out more on Fashion and Mash
  • Mass Exodus of print magazine editors shake up fashion media

  • This week, the front row chatter at the New York shows was dominated not by the clothes, but by a series of surprise departures at the heart of the Manhattan media establishment. What does the unprecedented changing of the guard at Vanity Fair, Elle, and Glamour spell for the future of fashion media? Stella Bugbee, president and editor-in-chief of The Cut, went so far as to tweet: “I wonder, quite seriously, as the great editors leave, if that means the end of their print publications?”- Find out more on Business of Fashion
  • Controversial Ivanka Trump brand sales and stockists decline

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  • Nordstrom said that it was cutting ties with Ivanka Trump because of poor sales, but the label had also become a lightning rod for consumers’ feelings about the new president, simultaneously the target of boycotts and shopping sprees – Find out more on Racked
  • Diverse and beautiful new campaign by Glossier celebrates body confidence

  • This week Glossier launched its first body products, a Daily Oil Wash and Daily Perfecting Cream designed to make body care a pleasure rather than a chore, and with them a campaign featuring a diverse range of inspiring women photographed nude by Peggy Sirota. – Find out more on Vogue
  • New Iphone X will improve fashion photography and selfies

  • The iPhone X is the 10th incarnation of the world’s most famous phone, has much to get excited about in the forthcoming model – such as the beautiful edge-to-edge display screen, no home button, wireless charging and almost terrifying advanced facial-recognition technology – but perhaps none more so than how it is set to upgrade our selfies. At $999 it’s Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date, but for a perfect picture, we think a lot of people will be sold. Find out more on Vogue
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