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  • An Interview With Paola Rodriguez, Clothing and Knitwear Designer

    Posted: March 13, 2017 Posted: March 13, 2017
    An Interview With Paola Rodriguez, Clothing and Knitwear Designer

    |With a background in accessory design and a clothing line to die for, we think Paola Rodriguez is absolute style goals! Here's the FFD interview with the beautiful knitwear designer.

    Beautiful knitwear, vintage inspired shapes & clothing that tells a story. Paola Rodriguez captured our hearts at LFW!

    Focusing on hand embroidery & meticulous detailing, the collection is a stand out full of timeless classics. A contradiction? I think not! With fabrics from Italy coupled with manufacturing in France & the UK the collection has a air of sophistication whilst still being innovative and fresh.

    What was the Inspiration for this collection?

    Paola - "I'm inspired a lot by vintage, the shapes are just so classic and we are trying to create a collection that you will keep in your wardrobe forever. For me the collection is more about the individual pieces than the whole."

    What is your favourite item?

    Paola - "I love the knitwear, the embroidery starts off as my illustrations, as I started as a jewelry designer I have sketchbooks full of illustrations so these were the ones that made it onto the jumpers."

    If you could dress anyone in Paola Rodriguez who would it be?

    Paola - "Camille Bidault-Waddington, she has an amazing style!"

    Designer Collaborations, who are you dying to work with?

    Paola - "I love Simone Rocha, she would be my ultimate pick."

    Dessert island item, what can't you live without?

    Paola - "My Kids! Or Books...I think books would be more practical though!"