Fashionistas! Consider adding Auerbach & Steele Opticians to your London to-do list.

Auerbach & Steele are a popular choice for those looking for premium opticians in Chelsea.

How often have you found yourself thinking, “I really need to get a new pair of glasses”.

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If like me it’s one of those things that you keep meaning to get around to, then here’s a post-pandemic incentive for your next London trip. Just be grateful I didn’t make a vision pun!

A lot has changed since Auerbach & Steele first published this YouTube video way back in the yesteryear of 2012.

They’ve moved into new premises allowing them to deliver an even more sophisticated, technology-driven experience. If you happen to be near Kings Road Chelsea you might have even have walked past the store without realising.

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Contrary to this article’s title, you don’t really need to be a fashionista. Sure, Auerbach & Steele do have premium eyewear options but you could just pop along for a visit because they are passionate about delivering the best medical care for your eyes, full stop.

At least that was what came across to me on the instances where I’ve had the chanced to speak to the owner. And you care about your eyes don’t you? Of course you do! That’s why you’re reading this excellent blogpost.

It’s comforting to think Auerbach & Steele is a company who are as happy geeking out on the tech side as they are on the show-stopping style side.

Now if I could just find a style in Cutler and Gross that suits my square head, all would be right with the world.

Until then, consider adding Auerbach & Steele Opticians to your London to-do list. Tell them Fashion Fix Daily sent you.

Oh look! We’ve even left a not-so-subtle Instagram link that you can use. Go have a nosey right now!


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