Fashioned from Nature: new exhibition at the V&A

'This exhibition will present fashionable dress alongside natural history specimens, innovative new fabrics and dyeing processes, inviting visitors to think about the materials of fashion and the sources of their clothes.'

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From nature-inspired fashion and textile designs, to a deep exploration of sustainable fashion, Fashioned From Nature will look back on the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world since as far back as 1600.

Key highlights in the newly curated collection will include slogan t-shirts by Greenpeace, ethical fashion ensembles from Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein, and flora/fauna embellished couture pieces from the 18th century.

The exhibition will open in April 2018 and run on into 2019, held at the legendary Victoria and Albert Museum in London and tickets are just £12; we can't wait until the launch!

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