The Fashion Trainer Starter Pack

| Adidas, Converse, Gucci and Vans are flying off the shelf. Athleisure Fashion means trainers are trendy. Who’d have thought comfort would become the biggest fashion statement?

Like many of us, you may not have thought you’d embrace the idea of the trainer. But, thanks to the ever-growing athleisure fashion revolution, it’s becoming even more difficult to deny the stylish comfort kicks have to offer. I mean, once you’ve finally come round to wearing gym shoes to work, it’s really about time you take a look at ones to invest in for daily wear.

From iconic Stan Smiths to the failsafe Converse or Nike Cortez, our wardrobes wouldn’t be complete without a pair (or six) of them. It’s quite an intimidating world – you know, the sneaker world. It’s a tight-knit, close community with more limited editions and collaborations than H&M. These days trainers can’t be just functional, they need to be totally outfit-making too. Fortunately, the fashion crowd plays favourites, and certain styles have become tried-and-tested winners. The 10 options ahead are the It sneakers. They’re ones you’re guaranteed to see at Fashion Week and all over your Instagram feed, and the ones that are constantly selling out. So, if you needed any assistance in getting your feet into the jogger game, consider this slideshow your fashion-sneaker starter pack. Pick one of these pairs, and you’ll look like a total pro.

Converse £95

Trends come and go, but there’s one shoe that will never go out of style: the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Change things up a bit with a little Commes De Garcons, these are the one pair you can buy and never have to wonder if you’ll actually wear them. Promise!

Adidas £69.95

Though Adidas may be best known for its Stan Smith and Superstar styles, these days, it’s all about finding the cool, new takes on the classic models. Try these woven twists on the original, for something more unexpected.

Reebok £54

Embrace your #TBT dreams with these perfectly-’80s pair of mint gum-sole Reeboks. Molly Ringwald called, she wants her shoes back.

Vans £52

They’re the little black dress of the fashion-sneaker world; you never have to think twice about slipping into a pair of Vans €” they make any and every outfit look effortlessly cool, whether a skateboard is actually involved or not (and usually it’s not).

Gucci £485

Never was a shoe made more for street style slideshows than these Gucci flower embroidered sneaks which have dominated Fashion Weeks around the globe since their launch. They don’t come cheap, but this is a high-fashion pair of kicks, after all.

Y-3 £220

Another athletic brand favourite among the fashion crowd; it’s pretty impossible to beat Y-3’s innovative silhouettes and unexpected materials. The best part? They’re still totally versatile (and can actually be worn to work out, too).

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New Balance £65

No shoe tackles normcore quite like a New Balance, which has basically become the go-to for errand-running, museum-wandering, and farmers’ market-browsing. It’s actually comfortable and doesn’t try too hard, even with rhynesstones which, you know, is a win in our book.

Zara £45

Shoes are one of our favourite fast-fashion scores, and rightfully so. Stores like Mango and Zara have embraced athleisure, and the results are some seriously solid (and affordable) options.

Sam Edelman £100

Once you have your typical, lace-up sneakers covered, an easy slip-on is a must and these ‘Pixie’ sneakers are an easy way to add color and print to off-duty looks. Is there any pair of shoes more low-maintenance?


First things first: you can’t get these. Well, yet anyway! These hyped up Addidas Originals sneaks do not come cheap, yet their £££ price tag hasn’t stopped minimalists from dishing out and showing them off on social media. Well, they are by Kanye West afterall! Go put your name on the list if your pockets are deep enough!

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