VIDEO: Fashion & Tech, From Frivolity To Sustainability

Did you know that underwear manufacturer Playtex’s industrial division was behind the Apollo Spacesuit? An underwear company literally sent man to the moon!

There’s definitely more to Fashion than what meets the eye. Hussein Chalayan’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is just one of many examples of the fact. He featured "robotic dresses" that changes shape, length and fit on the catwalk.

The fashion industry, worth $3 trillion may not be what many people consider to be historically revolutionary for humanity; but it certainly impacts all of our lives in one way or another. One small step for fashion, one giant leap for mankind!

On one hand, Fashion has had many great contribution to making mankind’s momentous event happen. But on the other, it is also the second biggest polluter in the world after oil. Second biggest consumer of water next to agriculture.

Award-winning journalist Rachel Arthur talks about how much impact Fashion has in transforming the world, and how Fashion could apply tech and innovation in reducing the damage it does to the world.

Watch her TEDx video below.

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Does the revolution out-weigh the damage fashion does to our environment? Share your thoughts on the strengths and weakness of the fashion industry in the comments below.

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