Ethical Fashion Myths Busted

| The ethical and sustainable fashion market is growing, and fashion is the second largest industry polluting our plant. Know your stuff about eco-friendly fashion.

It’s no breaking news that Green is the New Black, but there are still some misconceptions and myths about the world of ethical and sustainable fashion that need to righted. Think dressing in an eco-friendly way means wearing patchwork hemp ponchos or spending big bucks on niche brands? Think again!

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Myth: Ethical Fashion is too expensive

Truth: While many more ethical brands do charge more (and we must remember the reason they charge more is to ensure garment workers are paid fairly, garments are made to the highest quality standards and innovation in fabrics and technology are invested in!), there is also a plethora of affordable options too! Here are just a few affordable sustainable fashion brands out there:

  • Thought
  • Studio Five
  • People Tree
  • Veja
  • Charlie Fiest
  • Swedish Stockings
  • Rachel McMillan
  • Armed Angels
  • Cossac
  • Toms

Myth: Ethical Fashion is for hippies and stoners

Truth: Well, the hippies have been on this ‘trend’ for decades, but you can be cool and contemporary while shopping ethically too! Celebrities like Emma Watson, Amal Clooney and Lily Cole have all stood up in support of ethical fashion, while fashion bloggers like One Who Dresses, My Green Closet and Sustainably Chic and are all championing the movement. Modern, fashion-forward brands like Stella McCartney, Everlane, Matt & Nat, and even some collections by high street giants like H&M and M&S create sustainable clothing and accessories that don’t compromise on style. Everyone should be making more conscious decisions about the clothing they wear, no matter if they’re a mega vegan living in a shack with 7 cats, or a high-powered businesswoman in a fashion capital.


Myth: Ethical Fashion is too niche and hard to find

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Truth: It may not have as much visibility (yet!) as mainstream fast fashion, but the wonderful world of the internet is packed to the brim with resources aiming to help you find what you’re looking for, like:

Myth: Ethical Fashion is Minimalist and Boring

Truth: Dressing in an ethical way can mean your wardrobe becomes even more interesting and unique than ever before, because you’re not wearing what everyone else is, aka. outfits lifted of Zara mannequins! The best way to shop sustainably while still embracing the joy of personal style is to buy vintage clothing! Here are a few brilliant vintage brands to get you started on your ‘ethical maximalist’ journey:

  • Beyond Retro
  • Hunted Vintage
  • Rokit Vintage
  • Blue Rinse


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