Fashion Minimalism? – Easy Ways to Minimise Your Wardrobe

|Minimalism is on trend, and for good reason. Look no further for your guide to de-cluttering your closet – and therefore, your life.

I hate the words "capsule wardrobe", that phrase has been forever ruined by Gok Wan & Saturday morning TV style sections.


Having a more streamlined wardrobe is more efficient and easier to plan from, meaning your mornings should be significantly easier!

De Clutter

First things first; take everything out of your wardrobe, and I mean Everything out of your wardrobe & put it on the floor. Separate into piles of Keep, Bin, Donate.

Be ruthless

Do not create a maybe pile! You need to be ruthless and clear out properly. If you aren’t sure of something think about how many times you’ve worn it in the last year, if it’s none it goes in one of the other piles, if you really can’t let it go then keep it, but challenge yourself to wear it once a week for the next month.

Use Storage

I’m not talking about some plastic shelves from IKEA, I’m taking about storing your Winter & Summer clothing accordingly. In Summer put all the coats you are planning on keeping into a zip lock bag & vacuum pack it, the same goes for all that swimwear that you are most likely not wearing in Winter, pack it away and put it in storage, it’ll clear up space you never knew you had!

See Also

If you are anything like me and you are terrible about putting things on ebay, donate your clothing instead of throwing it out! Obviously if something is falling to bits it should probably go in the bin so take it to your local recycling plant or your local supermarket should have recycling bins.


Time to get organised! The easiest way I’ve found is to organise by style; shirts with shirts, trousers with trousers etc. If this doesn’t work for you then organise by colour.

Voila! You are now left with an easy to manage wardrobe & I bet you even found some things you forgot you had!

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