How To Dress Like A Wes Anderson Character: Our Style Picks

| Our top shopping picks to create a Wes Anderson inspired wardrobe. Your love of Wes Anderson films combined with your love of fashion. So much LOVE!

It was all aboard the Wes Anderson express as H&M launched a very special Christmas treat for us this all week. The new ad stars dreamboat Adrien Brody as Conductor Ralph who tries to make everyones day better after some bad news, and it’s basically exactly what you think a Wes Anderson x H&M ad would be.

Set on a train, we follow Conductor Ralph who has the unbearable task of informing customers that the train will be arriving 11 and a half hours late, in turn ruining everyones holiday plans. To ease the pain, Ralph invites all the disappointed passengers to a brunch (Darjeeling Limited style) with some added festive cheer and Wes Anderson trimmings. I mean it was about time we could shop right from one of his movies, am I right? While we continue to be obsessed with Wes Anderson’s plots and characters, the outfits always linger WAY after the credits have rolled. So much so, I’ve pulled together 5 more style essentials to help you channel that Wes magic in your wardrobe. Last call for Margot Tenenbaum and Suzy Bishop. ALL ABOARD!

Style Icon: Fantastic Mr Fox

Yup, Anderson predicted the pyjama trend as outerwear way before fashion did! Even though it’s his only animated film, Fantastic Mr Fox certainly does not lack style inspo! Mr. Fox lives the fast life while still looking great in his striped leisurewear.

Style Essential: Pajama Set

Fling on heels (or slippers) with this set from ASOS £32

Style Icon: Margot Tenenbaum

Maybe the most legendary of all Wes Anderson’s heroines, Margot Tenenbaum is the ultimate style icon. From her closet smoking, her tennis dress and her fur coat right down to that smudgy black eyeliner, you just got it girl.

Style Essential: Faux Fur Coat

Margot would have swapped her real brown vintage number for something of the faux variety by now, and in an updated olive green. Zara £99

Style Icon: Chas Tenenbaum

OK, so I know I’ve already talked Tenenbaum already, but this wouldn’t be complete as a style inspo post in A/W16 without mentioning Chas Tenenbaum and his incredible Adidas trackie. So on season.

Style Essential: Adidas Tracksuit

Go big or go home with the real deal, the Adidas Firebird Tracksuit in pillerbox red £110

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Style Icons: Belafonte Crew

If Zara didn’t use a swatch of the Belafonte crew’s blue hue last season then sue me! The prettiest of Periwinkle, The Life Aquatic had us swept off our feet. (Red cap and aviators optional)

Style Essential: The blue hue shirt

Capture the essence of The Life Aquatic with this red trimmed shirt from Jil Sander £149

Style Icon: Suzy Bishop

Anderson’s leading ladies always manage to look flawless and loves young dream Suzy Bishop is no exception. Brogues are the must for all those Moonrise Kingdom feels. Please note: she also wore a raspberry beret. We think we love her.

Style Essential: Brogues

Unless you seriously are wandering round a magic kingdom, an everyday brogue doesn’t necessarily need to be the most practical. Make it shiny with these sequin numbers from Miista £170

What’s your favourite Wes Anderson character?

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