Diversity + Inclusivity: Missed Opportunity

| Embracing different races, religions, ages, cultures, sizes, abilities, personalities, gender identities and sexualities in fashion media isn’t just the morally right thing to do, it makes sense for good business, too.

This discussion on the topic of Diversity and Inclusivity: Fashion’s Missed Opportunity between models Hari Nef and Joan Smalls, chaired by Tim Blanks and contributed to by IMG Model Agency president Ivan Bart, took place at the #BOFVoices event by The Business of Fashion in 2016.

‘Brands have to be more open-minded and mindful when they choose their cast. They do hold a social responsibility to the world to represent their consumers.’ – Joan Smalls

‘As this awareness about diversity in casting has entered the fore, particularly in the past couple of years in regard to social justice and identity politics, there’s been this subdivision of fashion bookings that have emerged which almost fetishizes diversity.’ – Hari Nef

‘Through diversity, and through the imagery of fashion, we can create social change’- Ivan Bart

Video by The Business of Fashion

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