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| The augmented reality experience of W Magazine will show you how the fashion world can keep up with technology in years to come.

W Magazine’s new September issue proves that print and digital can go hand in hand, not head to head. Combining the latest technology with tangible coffee table goodness, this magazine brings the most exciting fashion photography and film to life through Augmented Reality.

So what is Augmented Reality? AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, providing a composite view. Think of it as a simpler, more accessible version of tech’s biggest trend of 2017, Virtual Reality. This could mean anything from Snapchat’s in-app filters (voice-changing, face-changing, colour-changing) to Topshop or New Look’s high-tech fitting room experiences, from the spellbinding art world of Google Tilt Brush, to Ikea’s AR catalogue and Burberry’s Beauty Box.

Writing for W Magazine, Angus Kneale says:

“We are all currently riding the wave of immense mobile-computing ability and cloud connectivity. No one predicted the smartphone revolution; in 10 short years, the iPhone has transformed not just the way we communicate but how we live. Never before has such power””and information””been in the palm of your hand. That piece of glass in your pocket, crammed with the latest technology, has assumed a lofty place in our hierarchy of precious things.”

W magazine’s editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi added:

“This augmented reality experience embodies everything that W stands for – it’s bold, provocative, and offers a truly immersive escape, across print and digital platforms.”

When you buy the physical magazine, which features Katy Perry on the cover shot by Steven Klein, you simply have to download an app called Beyond the Page, which, when scanned on top of selected features within the magazine, reveals exclusive virtual content through video, audio and photography. This really creates a seamless experience fusing old and new media.

“We perceive magazines as flat planes of expression. Photographic and print materials as static, firmly held in place by the laws of time and space. But now, through new technology, we have broken those laws and can render a picture as a living entity. Like Alice looking through the looking glass, you are invited, through the use of an app, to step into the wonderland we have created with the technical assistance of (creative technology and VFX studio) The Mill.”

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Watch the video below for a preview of the September issue starring Katy Perry:

Video by W Magazine

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