Designers to Watch at Graduate Fashion Week

| It’s the debutante ball of the fashion world; have a sneak peek at who we think you shouldn’t miss at the 26th Graduate Fashion Week.

The next big event to look forward to in the UK fashion calendar is in my opinion the most creative, uncensored and inclusive fashion week of all, Graduate Fashion Week baby! Now in it’s 26th year, GFW is showcasing and awarding the most exciting young talent from the 4th-7th June in East London, and here are my favourite incedible new fashion designers to keep an eye on this season, whose garments I can’t wait to see in person next month. Be sure to show your support on Instagram by following these young creatives using the hashtag #wearegraduatefashionweek.

Max Wells Gray

Max Wells Gray is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and winner of the prestigious Michael Kors prize in 2016. He creates intricate, unique and iconic menswear that resembles wearable fine art, with a wild west, tribal influence.

Elina May Pagett

Elina May Pagett is a graduate of Birmingham City University (BCU), designing pink, fluffy, frilly sparkly, embroidered, adorbale womenswear for girls who wants to have fun with fashion.

Lyndsey Welch

Lyndsay Welch is an ECA graduate based in Edinburgh who creates stunning womenswear pieces with bold silhouettes and even bolder messages, missing soft peachy organza with striking military pieces. She has been featured in Synzine, Hope St and other fashion publications.

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Alice Green

Alice Green is a fashion design graduate of The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). Her breathtaking peices are structured, textured and sculpted, with oversized and undersized features for an overall eye-catching style.

Alice Jane Potter

Alice Jane Potter is another talented fashion graduate of UCLAN creating beautiful blue ethereal womenswear pieces with a textile focus; the results are highly detailed and effortlessly cool.

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