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  • Day In The Life Of: The Fashion Hackr

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    Posted: February 16, 2019 Posted: February 16, 2019
    Day In The Life Of: The Fashion Hackr

    Always wonder how Social Media influencers live their daily life? This Fillipino born, London living influencer, The Fashion Hackr, enlightens you on her gender non-conformity and very much 'average' lifestyle.

    Arian Humirang is The Fashion Hackr. Filipino born and raised, Arian can be seen around the who's who of fashion events in London, more often than not turning heads with confident style and striking beauty looks. Living under the ethos of "be your own kind of beautiful", this gender non conformist social media influencer has style in spades, often dishing out lessons on everything from layering to skincare. With a 9-5 social media coordinator, we wanted to get the lowdown on what it's REALLY like to be the one and only Fashion Hackr. 

    How would you describe what you do for a living?

    Receptionist and Social Media Coordinator by day and and Instagram Influencer every waking moment between.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and The Fashion Hackr

    I’m a Gemini who has mad love for Fashion. Born and raised in the Philippines. I consider myself non binary/gender fluid - possibly because I see fashion as something genderless. I am an Instagram influencer who focuses on fashion and beauty.

    How did you get into this business?

    A friend of mine took me to a YouTuber meet and greet and I got really inspired by her creativity and how fashion inspires her so I took a chance and went to Fashion Week for street style and it started from there.

    What's been your general career path?

    To be honest with you, the dream goal is to be a well known influencer and travel the world to see fashion week collections and work with other influencers and brands. I want to be an inspiration to people, an example that you don’t have to change who or what you are to be successful.

    If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

    If I was not an influencer, I would more than likely be in an office job doing customer relations or office management. But I am happy where I am!

    Do you have a life motto / mantra?

    I try to live everyday as it comes. But I have always thought and applied what Coco Chanel once said - “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

    Take us through a typical day. What time do you get up at?

    My day is pretty boring because of my work being on a shift pattern. My waking up time varies depending on what I'm working that day, but it always starts with a large glass of water and then a large cup of coffee followed by checking my Instagram and then checking my emails. Some days I eat breakfast, some days I don’t. It’s all work after that.

    How do you keep yourself organised?

    Two words “Bullet Journal”. Ever since I discovered it, I just use it for everything! Plus I love that I get to create my pages as I go.

    Do you have an idol?

    Yes, I do. I actually have a few that come to mind. To name only a few, there is Olivia Palermo and then there is Aimee Song.

    How do you keep yourself going through a humpday?

    This is a bit of a difficult one because I feel like everyone struggles through a hump day but I think what gets me through would be good food and retail therapy - nothing beats yummy food and new things!

    Biggest misconception about the job you do?

    As an Instagram influencer people always think that I live a picture perfect life, but it's a lot more average than what people think!

    How do you wind down?

    The first thing I do is take my make up off, put my Pjs on and just sit in the living room for 20-30 mins. Then I’ll have dinner and a warm shower. I really look forward to my night time skin care routine & then it’s checking through my Instagram and watching YouTube videos until I fall asleep.

    What's your favourite thing about what you do?

    The photography, I love taking photos and being in the photos as well as the process that goes into each photograph.

    Any advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

    My advice to anyone who wants to go into the same path is to have a unique point of view in everything you do and be yourself. I think the most important part is to be confident in yourself throughout every aspect of your journey.