Day In The Life Of: An Influencer Marketing Executive

| What’s an influencer marketing executive? Find out as we look into the newest marketing job role on the block and chat to one of the best in the business.

"What’s that then?!"

Influencer Marketing may be a new job creeping onto some organisational charts, but let me tell you, it’s an important one. Since shifting our love for IRL to WWW, we changed the way we shop. Taditional print sales keep declining as page views and double taps are at an all time high, handing the crown to social media as the most effective way to influence potential consumers. But how?

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At its most basic, Influencer Marketing is like a hybrid of old school product placement met with new social media marketing. It’s the Marketers job to find influencers that fit within the brands demographic and work with them to create and share content through their channels. Nowadays, all it may take is one successful content driven campaign that catapults a brand into cult like status – or give them the followers they need to do so themselves. So, now Influencer Marketing is taking it’s well earned spot within the marketing mix, it’s no wonder brands are jumping onboard and dishing out full time roles to fulfil the demand. But what does the job actually entail? We catch up with one of the best, Star Holroyd, online high street giant Boohoo‘s Influencer Marketing Executive on the job, how she got there and what to expect from the newest job role on the block!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Star, I’m 27, I look like I have resting bitch face but inside I’m basically marshmellow as I cry at everything. (I cried remembering when Alexander Burke sang with Beyonce on X Factor the other day, it was an emotional time.)

Day to day I’m an Influencer Outreach gal, which basically means I work with Influencers for promotion of boohoo products. There are many other layers to it, but that’s the bones!

How did you get into this business?

A lot of hard work! I started my own (very small) business on leaving uni, and started outreaching for it. I quickly realised I didn’t want the business I just wanted to Outreach, so after interning for years at different brands I slowly worked my way up to where I am now. Also pays that I am absolutely Blogger obsessed, which I guess you need to be!

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If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

In all honesty I have no idea as this has worked out to be the dream job! I think I would have probably carried on with my small business, which was bespoke hand-dyed, hand-printed glittery vinyl clothing (so extra.) It was great but incredibly time consuming doing every element of the business myself.

Do you have a life motto / mantra?

I always make a wish on 11.11 or 22.22!

Take us through a typical day. What time do you get up at?

Days can vary dramatically, but for me it tends to be building and maintaining all my Influencer relationships, which essentially is the basis of the job. I care about each and everyone of the gals I work with so that comes first before anything else. The rest follows, whether that be working on projects, both big and small, dressing influencers for events/publications, or events themselves. The list is honestly endless – there are a lot of meetings!

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How do you keep yourself organised?

Spreadsheets and Google Docs are life, and the rest of the Influencer team keep me on point and sane!

Do you have an idol?

Barak + Michelle Obama are just everything forever.

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How do you keep yourself going through a humpday?

You know what the days actually go reallllly quickly here, so I usually forget about Wednesday as by the time I’ve realised it’s Thursday already!

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Biggest misconception about the job you do?

That it’s easy! It really isn’t and it never stops, although 6pm is the end of the day my work phone is going off around the clock.

How do you wind down?

Watching Vlogs and going to sleep at 10pm every night. I don’t know what happened but the moment I turned 26 I grew wrinkles and became an old woman.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

The Relationship building. Like don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, and the girls are such a huge huge huge inspiration, but it’s the relationships I have with them and especially the lovely messages. I consider a lot of the girls I work with regularly actual friends, although I may have only met them a handful of times. Job roles can change all the time, but they are the constant in what I do. I genuinely feel like a proud mumma when they hit big milestones!

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Any advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Make sure you are getting into the job because you love Influencers, it isn’t a job you could do if you didn’t. Other than that just work really hard and show what you are made of!

Stay tuned for next Monday’s Day in the Life of!

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