Cult Beauty Company Illamasqua Bought Over by Hut Group

The group also owns a host of luxury beauty brands including ESPA, Mio Skincare, Mama Mio, Grow Gorgeous, and GLOSSYBOX.

As fans of Illamasqua’s alternative stance, their aversion to the norm and their tendency to say a big F-you to conformity we can’t help but be a little nervous about this buy out.

The Hut Group have said they will stay true to Illamasqua’s cruelty free roots and ensure the brand continues to be an advocate against animal testing.

Last Month Illamasqua hit headlines after they hired transgender model Munroe Bergdorf. This was after she was sacked from cosmetics giant L’Oreal following a social media post highlighting racism in our culture.

It’s these kind of reactionary actions that we love Illamasqua for, and no matter what the buyers say, we are nervous about the future of the brand.

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