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  • Copenhagen: Brunch Guide

    Posted: March 02, 2019 Posted: March 02, 2019
    Copenhagen: Brunch Guide

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Chloe Caprani.

    |Look no further for the best brunch places in Copenhagen. From traditional Danish breakfast to modern takes on the brunch plate, we're here, for brunch with the Danes!

    There is nowhere to go for brunch in Copenhagen, they said. No eggs Benedict, no French toast, no feta sprinkled avocado on sourdough or rye. It’s not ‘a thing’.

    The restaurants are phenomenal, the cocktail bars are second to none but unless you’re in the market for a slice of pineapple flanked by a side of cured meat you should forget about brunch. And so it was that I landed in Copenhagen with low expectations of what was to constitute my favourite meal of the day.

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    Expectations were lowered still after a friend who had lived there for several years recommended the widely lauded Paludan Bog Cafe as the best place in the city to have breakfast. Underwhelming would be an understatement. The more time I spent there the more incredulous it became that a city with so much to offer at lunch and dinner could fail so spectacularly at brunch.

    There had to be some mistake!

    I made it my mission to find a mid-morning meal that I could write home about and can happily report that once I ventured off the city centre streets and into the local neighbourhoods, magical brunches began rushing to the surface like oil from a spring. There was everything I loved and more. The following are the best of the bunch;


    Forget about being the best brunch in Copenhagen, this is one of the best brunches I’ve had in my life. In the centre of the room is scrubbed wooden table laden with smørrebrød. Dark Danish rye bread topped with avocado and pickled beetroot. Homemade houmous and smoked salmon blinis. Pickled gherkins and potted herring . This table is all you can eat. In addition, there are four cooked breakfast options to choose from. I chose the vegetarian option which included butter scrambled eggs, American style pancakes with fresh berry compote and mange topped chia seed porridge. There is a full cocktail menu and the coffee is incredible. Reservations advised.

    Skyttegade 5, 2200 | image source @sidecar_noerrebro

    Mirabelle Bakery

    With floor to ceiling windows, Mirabelle Bakery is the perfect place to enjoy a hollandaise drenched brunch and watch the world go by. Everything from the pastas to the pastries are handmade daily on site while the decor, much like the crowd, is understatedly stylish. Reservations optional.

    Guldbergsgade 29, 2200| image source @mirabelle_cph

    Moller Kaffe & Koekken

    If Kaffe & Koekken should be associated with one thing it’s attention to detail. Everything on the deceptively simple menu is created to perfection and once I started ordering it was difficult to stop. I began modestly enough. Homemade bread with whipped butter, soft boiled eggs with watercress and a side of pastrami with pickles. Then there was the asparagus. And I had to try waffle with thick cream and homemade Nutella. It would be ridiculous not to. By the time I waddled out the door I had fallen in love. Reservations not accepted.

    Nørrebrogade 160, 2200| image source @kaffeofkoekken