Changing Perceptions of Pole Dancing

| Ever thought about trying out pole dancing classes? We reckon after reading about the art, you’ll be swinging round the pole by tomorrow.

This pole dancer is showing that her passion is a sport, an art form, and the ultimate activity in self-expression and self-acceptance.

Meet Vanessa, she’s a pole dancer. For her, pole dancing is like her personal meditation. It get’s her into some sort of trance. She has been Pole dancing for a year and a half and she feels that Pole dancing is really supportive, whereas other dance forms are a lot more competitive. The pole dancing club she attends has a really diverse bunch of people and it also has a lot to do with body positivity.

People often tell her Vanessa that they don’t really feel connected to their own bodies and they’re kinda just dragging them around all day but she thinks, if you feel like you’re not really connected to your own body, pole dancing is a good way to change that and make you aware of all the different possibilities you can actually do with your body.

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