BrowJam Brow Kit Review

| The best brow kit for all natural hair colours, and it’s a #shoplocal business. Get your brows on point and give to an entrepreneur too!

Our neighbours at Browjam, a Dundee based makeup artistry brand, have brought out the ultimate professional brow kit to use at home.

Founder Janine Onyiuke established Browjam in 2013. Both the brand and products were born out of frustration of the current products available and because the techniques were fixed they didn’t allow any flexibility or creativity. She quickly learned that although there are trends, there is no one size fits all. This is what ignited her journey to develop Browjam, which is about products, artistry, techniques, people and trends.

Here, I tested out the brow pomade (in Dirty Blonde), magic brush and dual brow pencil!

The Before Picture:


The After Picture:


As you can see, I started out with fair eyebrows with very little shape. First off, I used the wand end of the brush to tame the stray hairs and create a neat canvas for the pomade, then used the angled brush end to apply the pomade, which went on suprisingly smoothly compared with ther cream-based brow products I’ve tried in the past which tend to go hard very quickly. Next, I used the concealer side of the pencil to neaten the shape above and below, then the highlighter to lift the arch.

The brush and pomade are excellent, but the pencil not so much; the concealer was a little too orange for my skin tone, (but that can be a risk for any pale person getting beauty products online) and the highlighter was pretty much my same skin colour, therefore added very little extra definition or glow. However, I think the overall results are great, my brows look bolder as they were easy to fill in, but not so dark that it looks unnatural with my blonde hair, and the shape is much more defined. I was also impressed with the simple, stylish packaging and branding of BrowJam, and the products themselves are really high-quality for the price you pay.







See Also

Brush, £12.50 (buy here

One side is a brow wand that helps groom and brush your brows in place and the other is like magic. It’s ultra fine and angled and is definitely a detailer. You can create a sharp, crisp fine line and liner flicks with this end when used with an our highly pigmented pomade or gel eyeliners. It can also be used to pack on colour to create more of a power brow. Always put the angled hair end brush to it’s original fine topped state.

Pomade, £20 (buy here)

BrowJam’s bestselling product is the highly pigmented pomade! You can create brow power with this waterproof formula or smudge free delicate natural looking strokes, another way to create a 2 tone look, providing you use our soft flexible ultra fine Magic angled brush. It comes in 8 colours reaching out to all races and faces. This glide on substance is ridiculously easy to work with. It colours brows, skin and holds hairs in place. It works well in hot climates and perfect for oily or dry skin.

Pencil, £15 (buy here)

The pencil/highlighter the ultimate formula in helping to make your brows pop and draw in light to your surrounding brow area. With it’s glide on consistency and perfect width end allows you to map out your arches with ease and precision. Use our flat head smudge brush to blend in the highlighter pencil and sculpt out the the perfect brow. These two are a match made in heaven.

Overall I was very pleased results of using BrowJam products and would definitely recommend them to people looking to refresh their routine!

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