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  • British Candle Companies Perfect for Christmas

    Posted: December 15, 2017 Posted: December 15, 2017
    British Candle Companies Perfect for Christmas

    These are not only the best scented candles that money can buy, they are also all independently run.

    So not only will you be getting someone the perfect smelling gift, you'll also be contributing to a small business, and that should fill you with Christmas cheer!

    Florence Verity

    Luxe packaging & stunning hand poured candles, these scents are truly opulent. They'll look perfect on any dresser/desk/sideboard. Each candle will set you back £30 & will burn for around 40 hours.

    Croydon Candle Co

    Small batch soy wax candles, handmade in Croydon these minimalist candles are a perfect stocking filler. Priced from £8 to £18, large candles burn for around 50 hours.

    Moments of Sense and Style

    With an ethos like 'luxuriating in simplicity' it's hard not to fall in love with MOSS instantly. Each candle comes boxed with a wanderlust note. These will set you back £30 and burn for 40 hours. They also make the most stunning matches if you feel the need to add a little extra into your gift.

    Gold Hart

    Made in the heart of Scotland these candles invoke the scents of Scottish wilderness, and look achingly chic with their black wax. Candles range from £15 to £55 and the largest candle will burn for 40 hours.

    Shearer Candles

    Inspired by the colours and fragrances of the distinctive Scottish landscape. You have plenty of choice here but the red apple and cinnamon is our favourite, for the standard candle you'll pay £10 & it will burn for 40 hours.

    Skye Candles

    Handmade on the Isle of Skye these candles are an injection of colour & fragrance that is much needed in winter. The large tumbler candles will set you back £18 and burn for 45 hours.

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    Birch & Brook

    The illustrated boxes only add to the gift experience, the candled from Birch & Brook are hand poured in England and come in standard and travel size. Costing £38 the standard will burn for 40 hours.

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    Clement and Claude

    These 100% soy wax candles are hand poured in London. Grab one of the white collection candles, they are in ceramic pots and are individually handmade in Wiltshire. For £22 you'll have a candle that burns for 40 hours and a handmade pot to reuse!