Bridal Buddy – Is This The Product Every Bride Needs?

Or is it the most hideous and unnecessary thing you’ve ever seen?

Allow us to take you on a journey…

Imagine it’s your wedding day, you’re wearing the most beautiful dress, filled with joy and feel like the only girl in the world. Okay, that not you?

Right imagine it’s your best friend or sister or some other woman you hold dear to your heart. Just imagine how the special moment can be brought to a shuddering halt because she now needs to pee. Imagine the fear of the dress being involved in some liquid based accident or needing 3 people to hold up the dress while you pop a squat.

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Not because it’s going to happen but because there’s Bridal Buddy. The wedding dress companion was invented for this very day-saving reason by Heather Elizabeth after working for years as a bridal consultant. The device is worn under the wedding dress and balls the dress together allowing for free hands and an easier use of the toilet for the bride. Sounds weird? You’ll understand once you watch the video.

Is this a genius idea or a pointless gadget? After all, what are bridesmaids for if not to help you pee?

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