BNTM – Behind The Scenes on Episode Three

TGIF, am I right? I can’t quite believe how quickly these weeks are rolling in – we’re already on episode three!

I think this week was my favourite BNTM so far, makeovers is always the best episode of any Next Top Model series, but this week we also got to shoot for Garnier… I still can’t quite wrap my head around how high profile a job that is.

I wish that more of our makeovers had been shown, in reality it was a long day and a lot of the girls were far more upset and traumatised than shown on TV. On the other hand, the few of us that liked our transformations were extremely happy and I don’t know if that was really put across either. Personally, I loved my makeover! I even cried with happiness when I first got to look in a mirror – all I could remember thinking was how well they’d managed to capture my personality in a hairstyle. I’ll always be grateful to Paul Edmonds and the judges for my transformation, I think it really helped bring me out of my shell, giving me a renewed confidence.

We now ALL looked the part so I was highly excited to learn that we would be attending a ‘go see’. This challenge was actually a lot of fun even though I am NOT a fan of boats! Our Philip Armstrong dresses were to die for, I had this amazing gown with a long train and was delighted to be living the glamorous, evil queen fantasy. The show didn’t quite capture how challenging walking in high heels was on a moving floor€¦there were constant boats going past us on the Thames creating choppy waves, hitting our boat every couple of minutes.

As I said, this was a fun day despite Tallulah being quite upset about her walk, but of course the atmosphere can change quickly on BNTM and everything blew up once we arrived back at our apartment. I was in my room with Bianca talking about our love lives back home and Chloe, Talulah-Eve and Alannah came in with a camera man in tow. I instantly had a bad feeling about the situation so went to ‘get a bottle of water’ and sure enough within about twenty minutes it had all kicked off! It wasn’t nice watching Eleanor and Chloe fight because I genuinely do feel quite sisterly towards the younger girls, however it’s fascinating to watch on tv, an opportunity to fill in a lot of the gaps to a volatile situation I managed to keep my nose out of.

Dramas aside, our shoot this week was so much fun. We got to work in teams which I LOVED! I got to know Victoria and Olivia so well that day and we had such a laugh together which I think shines through in our Garnier moving image!

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Be warned, the series gets more interesting each week, I’m really excited for the next episode as I think some of the scenarios will be quite shocking! Keep your eyes peeled on Fashion Fix Daily next Friday for my next post!

Simone x

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