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| A Ted Talk about how fast fashion shouldn’t be encouraged by online fashion bloggers.

"Uploading a picture of a fast fashion item that is really cheap, much cheaper than it should be on my blog is basically like Bono at a U2 concert picking up the microphone and saying to the audience of 100,000 people: forget the human rights – buy cheap clothing. "

In this TED talk, top German blogger Madeleine Alizadeh, of, speaks out about the toxic fast fashion industry, and how bloggers get caught up in it. After being sent endless packages of cheap clothing to post quick outfit photos, many a wannabe blogger’s dream, Madeleine realised that this practice did not align with her values. She now promotes sustainable brands, fair fashion and ‘conscious consumerism’.

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This is a perfect example of how bloggers can still be successful if they stick to their values and ethics, and stay authentic, only promoting what they truly believe in. Watch Madeleine’s engaging TEDx talk to learn about the reality of how influencers and the dangerous fast fashion industry go hand in hand, and what eco-aware bloggers can do to change that.

Video by TEDx

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