Best Funny Cat Videos to Kick Start Your Monday

|We can’t be the only ones that love funny cat videos right? Here’s our selection for this week.

Sometimes you just need to watch funny cat videos to make your week a little more bearable. We’ve picked out our top 5 laugh a minute videos full of cute fluffy critters.

Happy Monday!

Kitten VS Mirror

A kitten looking in the mirror for the first time is too adorable. Don’t think your heart will melt? Think again.


Possibly the cutest/weirdest cat on the internet. Seriously we could loose a whole day watching and re-watching Maru Videos.

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Cats VS Cucumbers

Why are they so scared?! No one really nows, but their reactions to cucumbers will have you in stitches.

Cats bullying dogs

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Dogs be warned, Cats are badasses, don’t cross them!

Lil Bub

Is lil bub the cutest kitty on the internet? We think so.

Header image via Pexels CCO licence.

Originally published on 05 Dec 16

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