Best and Worst 90s Fashion Trends

| Throwback to the fashion trends of the ninties that just won’t die out.

Oh the 90s. It gave us some of our favourite movies, TV shows and of course some of the best fashion trends…and some of the worst. Let’s relive all the best bits when it comes to hair, clothes, and accessories!

For the past few years, the nineties have served as a huge source of inspiration for most major fashion designers and high street brands. From slip dresses, flatform shoes and chokers, to the grunge, athleisure and normcore trends, this stylish era simply refuses to quit.

But it’s not all good. There was the bad, and there was the ugly too. Remember butterfly clips and scrunchies? What about skater chains, dog collars, shell necklaces, cargo pants and trainers with flames on them?! And do you remember the brands Joe Cool and JNCO jeans? Also, everything had peace signs, yin-yang signs and camouflage print ALL over it. shudder

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