Arket by The H&M Group: Our New Favourite High Street Store?

| The H&M Group’s latest venture: A fashion & lifestyle brand that’s expected to revitalise the high street. The brand is a nod to it’s minimalistic nordic routes!

Oh H&M. Is there anything you can’t do? Home to our favourite cheap basics, go to jeans and that bang on trend top you wore that one time, H&M is launching a baby sister brand, Arket.

Joining the family that also brought us Cos, Monki and Weekday, (thanks for those, btw) Arket is set to promote style beyond the trends and lucky for us, it’s launching in London’s Regent Street later this year. Question is, is Arket our new favourite high street store in the making? Turn’s out, most likely.

Trust H&M to create a new brand based around a blank sheet of paper, but yes. Not just rhyming with market, Arket really does means €œsheet of paper€ in Swedish, giving us those luxe connotations of clean lines and Scandi muted tones. Stocking clothing for men, women and kids and priced from £40+ it sets up the brand in good stead to being the best thing that’s hit the high street since Zara. And let’s face it, there’s not much that has compared in the recent years. Providing a high end, €œmarket-esque€ store with carefully placed instagramable aesthetics, it’s a pretty smart move for H&M to play to capture those thirty somethings that may have digressed into more niche fashion markets from indies to farmers markets.

Arket’s creative director, told Business of Fashion.

We really believe it’s relevant to a modern customer to bring different brands together €” under one roof, under one channel €” and to make that choice for them and also make it more convenient,€ Ulrika Bernhardtz,

Not limiting themselves to clothing for all the family, Arket have your home sorted too and for those of you who recently jumpeed on the Hygge bandwagon, soz but Arket are serving 2017’s biggest interior trend on a sleek slate platter with Lagom.

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Yup. Throw off your chunky knit blanket, blow out your vegetable wax candle, and dump your mug of something mulled down the sink €” because hygge is soooooo over. Lagom means €œnot too much, not too little,€ which also may be known as €œmoderation.€ The Arket aesthetic will be the champion of this being as clean and clutter free as you think it would. Wit items slowly being available online in Europe, my credit card is officially shaking. Will you be getting lagom with Arket?

Header image: Business of Fashion

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