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    Sheri Scott, also known as the orange hair and glasses behind leading Scottish based fashion and lifestyle blog, Forever Yours Betty.

    What is Cryptocurrency? Advice from those in the know

    Bitcoin is the Napster of the Financial world, the experts say. What really is this cryptocurrency? How do you invest? Here's advice from those in the know. Last year, you couldn't throw a virtual stick without hitting an article on how to make money through Bitcoin. But while its promise

    Gucci opened a restaurant and we can't deal with the decadence

    You don't have to see it to believe that when Gucci opens a restaurant, not only will it be the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant you've ever seen, but it'll also open with Michelin stars. Yes, the Italian fashion house is diving into a delicious venture of fine dining within the

    8 throwback Instagram accounts to stay on top of your fashion game.

    From the Nanny, Jessica Flecture to Christian Dior, these are the 8 fashion throwback Instagram accounts to help you stay on your style game. In the weird, varied and magnificent land of Instagram, there are niches for everything, even the most specific aesthetic tastes. These past few years we have

    Day in the life of Jeweller, Lucy Chenoweth of Bloody Mary Metal

    FFD chats to Lucy Chenoweth, boss behind jewellery brand Bloody Mary Metal. We talk the average day in her life, her hobbies and fashion's guilty pleasures... Creating badass designs with heart, [Bloody Mary Metal](https://bloodymarymetal.com) make jewellery that focus on craftsmanship and story telling through design. Ran by

    Day in the life of a hustler, Richard Davies

    FFD gets to know the meaning of a hustler in Richard Davies, owner of Abandon Ship Apparel, Dundee and Aberdeen's Hard Grind, Daily Grind and the man behind Not Everything Sucks. “Side hustle” is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but as one of the less

    Girls Got Ideas! Day in the life of Poppy's Papercuts

    FFD's Day in the Lfe of series returns with London based illustrator and paper artist, Poppy's Papercuts. Remember those paper snowflakes you used to make as a kid? Well, London based illustrator Poppy Chancellor is bringing her work to life using a similar technique and made it her career. That's

    Day in the life of Blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson

    In celebration of this weekend's Beychella, we wanted to catch up with our favourite festival fashion icon, blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson. Well, it was Coachella weekend and one of the best parts (bar Beyonce) as always was watching the festival style unfold. Mermaid, opal, boho, unicorn and cyber were just

    Return of the timeline? Instagram is changing its Algorithm (again)

    Is Instagram bringing back the chronological timeline? FFD talk you through the newest Instagram algorithm with exactly what you need to know. When Instagram first announced that it was replacing the chronological feed with an algorithm, most people responded with a less-than-joyous reaction. Scratch that. Bitches were angry. But as

    What's a Jojo Siwa?

    Ever wanted to know what the hell a Jojo Siwa is? If you are feeling out the loop, FFD has the rundown on the biggest name in popular culture today. If, like me, you are a childless thirtysomething you may have heard the name Jojo Siwa and thought it was

    Day in the life of artist Elle Chen of Creepy Gals

    |Let's talk about the life of Creepy Gals' Elle Chen, the brilliant artist behind and owner of the feminist clothing label. Instagram serves as its own sub-culture for whatever you’re interested in. Whether it's fashion, fitness, memes, or like me, retro kitch art and photography, IG has the content

    Day in Life of Lisa Lawson: Dear Green Coffee Roasters

    | We love to see girls running their own world, and today we talk to real life girl boss, Lisa Lawson, about being a CEO, entrepreneur and woman. When you think of a coffee roaster, what tends to come to mind is a plethora of flannel shirts, beards and beanies, preaching

    6 Easy ways to update your makeup bag this spring

    | Finding the best spring makeup looks can be hard, but here is our favourite (eye)line-up for your perfect concealer, mascara and all the rest, this spring. OK, so it may have just been the coldest day of the year but with the clocks going forward later in the week,

    Tweets To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2018

    | It's #internationalwomensday and we've sourced the best tweets to help you celebrate the day. Ladies across the world will unite for this! Today, the world stops and takes a look at the accomplishments of women around the world. A time to celebrate achievements from the vote to the pill, looking

    Balenciaga AW18 at PFW

    | Balenciaga's Autumn-Winter 2018 Collection at PFW gave us a glimpse into the future of fashion. If anyone knows the unknown of the future, it's these guys. It's difficult to believe that Demna Gvasalia has only been holding the reigns at Balenciaga for two years, it feels like he's been churning

    Moschino AW18 at MFW

    | Moschino's Autumn-Winter 2018 collection was something inspired by the 1960's but ready for the year 2060. Jeremy Scott let us in to see his future vision. Jackie O called, she wants her look back! Jeremy Scott killed it yesterday with a runway fit for a first lady (traveling into outer