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    Sheri Scott, also known as the orange hair and glasses behind leading Scottish based fashion and lifestyle blog, Forever Yours Betty.

    The instagram account that's perfect for nosy people

    Eavesdropping is rude, but sending such overheard convos to instagram doesn't count, right? FFD talks the hilarious instagram account for nosy people. Love to laugh at problems that aren't your own? ME TOO! Look, I know we‘ve been taught that it‘s not right to eavesdrop, but sometimes you

    10 Simple Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

    With the ever changing world of Instagram, we think we know it all until we don't. As soon as there is a new addition, there is another waiting right around the corner. But what about back to basics? Is there anything that's changed there since we moved onto GIF's and

    The best themed bars in New York City

    Looking for something different with your martini this weekend? We've got the best themed bars in New York City, all from Vintage to the subtle Feminist. In NYC, you're never far from your new favourite hotspot. Whether you're after a mango margarita, cream filled cronut, bottomless brunch or one of

    5 Ways Instagram Insights Can Get You More Followers

    It's been a while since we hit you up with some tips on how to master the social platform we love to hate, but when it comes to growing your business on Instagram, learning how to understand the audience you have is the best place to start. So what the

    How to style an oversized shirt and still look fashun

    We've been seeing them styled by our favourite instagrammers, and no doubt you've even given it a shot yourself, only to quickly put it back after the sight of shapeless infront of you. Sure, oversize shirts are a pretty cool trend, but they're also not as easy to wear as

    Day In The Life Of: Girl Gang, Confetti Crowd

    United by their love for bright colours and girl power, the Confetti Crowd are the bad ass supergroup of instagram working as the centrefold for girls supporting girls. Made up of four fierce entrepreneurs; singer / songwriter @heidipetite, vintage shop Sassy World owner @helibells and designers @lulutrixabelle and @ttigerlilly, each are

    Day In The Life Of: Kumba Dauda, Blogger / Digital Marketer

    Working in social media can mean a seriously busy day of work. But what if you ran your own business, other people's businesses and a business specifically for all things digital. It's a surprise she has time for anything, but Kumba Dauda has got this plate spinning down to a

    Best of the U.K's Anti Trump Signs

    Well, he may be headed off back Stateside but I think it'll be a long time before Presedent Trump forgets about his state visit to the U.K! Over the course of their "working visit", they dined with Prime Minister Theresa May at Blenheim Palace, met with the

    Instagram is updating it's algorithm (again) Confirms shadowbanning isn't a thing!

    You've heard it a thousand times already but Instagram is updating it's algorithm AGAIN, clearing up a few myths we've heard on the grape grid.. OK, so it may feel like Instagram announces they're updating their algorithm more times than we've quoted MISS VANNNJIEEE as of late. But word around

    Instagram attack on YouTube? All you need to know about IGTV

    It was only a matter of time but today, Instagram launched it's first formal attack on YouTube as they officially announced IGTV. Since Instagram launched in October 2010, the app has made a name for itself as the go-to platform for sharing imagery, with video very much the supporting act.

    What is Cryptocurrency? Advice from those in the know

    Bitcoin is the Napster of the Financial world, the experts say. What really is this cryptocurrency? How do you invest? Here's advice from those in the know. Last year, you couldn't throw a virtual stick without hitting an article on how to make money through Bitcoin. But while its promise

    Day In The Life Of: The Fashion Hackr

    Always wonder how Social Media influencers live their daily life? This Fillipino born, London living influencer, The Fashion Hackr, enlightens you on her gender non-conformity and very much 'average' lifestyle. Arian Humirang is The Fashion Hackr. Filipino born and raised, Arian can be seen around the who's who of fashion

    Gucci opened a restaurant and we can't deal with the decadence

    You don't have to see it to believe that when Gucci opens a restaurant, not only will it be the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant you've ever seen, but it'll also open with Michelin stars. Yes, the Italian fashion house is diving into a delicious venture of fine dining within the

    8 throwback Instagram accounts to stay on top of your fashion game.

    From the Nanny, Jessica Flecture to Christian Dior, these are the 8 fashion throwback Instagram accounts to help you stay on your style game. In the weird, varied and magnificent land of Instagram, there are niches for everything, even the most specific aesthetic tastes. These past few years we have