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Sheri Scott, also known as the orange hair and glasses behind leading Scottish based fashion and lifestyle blog, Forever Yours Betty.

When Vogue and Google met Kendall Jenners Closet

What happens when worlds collide... No I'm not talking science fiction, I'm talking about when America's biggest fashion magazine and the worlds biggest search engine collaborate the only way 2017 knows how: Virtual Reality. This was when Vogue went technical. Dubbed Supermodel Closets, the new series takes viewers inside the

The Balenciaga Sock Boot Effect

It happens every season. You know, that trend that is 100% unavoidable. That trend that you quite possibly hated for the first 3 months then you warmed to right after it hit H&M (Case in point: casual corsets.) But since last year, we've been seeing yet another niche

How to wear the extended sleeve

Ah trends, they may not be the best for practicality but dang do they know how to pull a gal in. The latest? The Extended Sleeve. Not just about exceeding the average length, oh no, the extended sleeve also takes in the form of volume and ruffles, almost making it