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Sheri Scott, also known as the orange hair and glasses behind leading Scottish based fashion and lifestyle blog, Forever Yours Betty.

Day in the life of Fashioned in Glasgow

A support network for independent fashion startups and brands in Scotland, Fashioned in Glasgow is basically what every indie designer dreams of. Ran by Aimee Bride and Alison Malcolm. they are putting Scotland on the British fashion map. Working as a designers one-stop business shop, FIG help turn their dreams

Manic Panic - an interview with Punk Legends

They are the sister duo who singlehandedly changed the punk scene into how we know it today. Tish and Snooky Bellomo started turning and transforming heads around the world since 1977 with their brand Manic Panic. From opening their first boutique with only $250 in hand, these two rock n’

A day in the life of fashion designer, Chouchou

Ever wondered what an average day is like for an international fashion designer? At a glance, you may think nothing but glamor, but it's not all faux fur and glitter! From Italy to LA, Amsterdam to Scotland and now, Barcelona, Silvia Pellegrino has been taking the industry by storm with

The best themed bars in New York City

In New York City, you're never far from your new favourite hotspot. Whether you're after a mango margarita, cream filled cronut, bottomless brunch or one of the world famous pizza pies; you are in the right place to find it. But here at FFD, we’re not into the ordinary.

10 of the Best Swimsuits on the High Street

Few things feel better than that first warm glorious day when it's hot enough to wear open-toed shoes, no socks. Or a dress sans tights, or even that bold choice of leaving the house without a jacket. But for me, finding the right swimwear companion can be a bittersweet moment.

VIDEO: Monki Cares 1-800-LAZY-ECO

Monki have released a new campaign, and it's one we can 100% get behind! The campaign focuses on keeping your clothing good as well as helping the environment...all whilst being extra lazy...sound too good to be true? Let Monki explain. "In simple terms, Monki Cares is about making