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Sheri Scott, also known as the orange hair and glasses behind leading Scottish based fashion and lifestyle blog, Forever Yours Betty.

20 Beauty Memes that'll make you happy

Well folks, it's almost the weekend. A time where makeup application time doubles, if not triples for two days only. And by that I mean tonight and tomorrow. Sundays are for baths and facemarks, everyone knows that! To get us into those Friday feels, I've rounded up some of my

12 Summer trends as told by instagram

Is it just me or can the world not make up it's mind as of late? With backwards politics and a bi polar weather climate, the depressing dark clouds are defiantly forcing us into some summer retail therapy. And it doesn't exactly help matters that every blogger and their dog

Why Everyone Needs a Jumpsuit

Onesie, jumpsuit, playsuit, all-in-one, the jumpsuit has many different guises that suit most, if not all occassions. Toilet navigation aside, we will never stop singing jumpsuits praises, afterall it's the one-piece outfit that requires minimal effort, but makes you look (and feel) amazing. Like a wardrobe BFF, it's one of