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    Ruth MacGilp is an award​-winning blogger and freelance writer with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion.

    The Best Universities to Study Fashion and Textiles

    We've scoured through the dozens of surveys conducted by dozens of companies over the years, from The Guardian to The Business Of Fashion, to find the best schools to study different areas of the fashion business- because there is so much more to the fashion industry than simply cutting and

    Where to Buy Ethical and Sustainable Underwear

    Here at Fashion Fix Daily, we are obsessed with all things ethical fashion, but what about what we wear underneath? Here are ten amazing lingerie brands that embrace a more sustainable model, so you can be eco-friendly from top to toe and everything inbetween! Read more: The 5 Lingerie Bloggers

    Top 10 Best Fashion Writers

    In celebration of genuinely intelligent journalism, I've been swotting up on some longform pieces by some talented writers. Here are some brilliant articles to explore from each of my top 10 favourite fashion writers! Nadine Farag Why a Lack of Transparency is a Problem for Luxury Fashion Sue-Wen Quek Iris

    What Is Vegan Fashion?

    |Cruelty Free and Vegan are the buzzwords of today's world. What does vegan fashion mean, and how can you adapt it? Find out more here. If you're a regular Fashion Fix Daily reader, you'll know that we are BIG on cruelty-free beauty, but what about cruelty-free fashion? For many consumers,

    Top Ten First Date Ideas

    Time to turn forgettable first dates into something you and your potential other half will remember forever. Escape Room - for those who don't know what this is, basically you're locked in a room with a bunch of puzzles and clues that you need to figure out in order to

    Drag makeup Tutorial: Valentina's Latina Glam

    | Channel your inner Rupaul and try out the drag queen look with Valentina's sassy Latina makeup Youtube tutorial - "Good luck, and don't fuck it up." Ever wondered how drag queens do their make-up? Well Valentina, star of RuPaul's Drag Race season 9, has shared a video tutorial

    Black Women’s Hair Throughout History

    | You are not defined by your hair style, but the history behind it will tell you a lot about Black Women's struggle throughout the years. "I am not this hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lies within." - India Arie. This video explores

    The Dangers of Microbeads in Your Beauty Products

    Thousands of health and beauty products we use everyday, like toothpaste and face wash, contain tiny pieces of plastic called microbeads. Lately they've had a lot of press because the US, Canada and the UK are pledging to ban the use of microbeads in manufactured products because of their catastrophic

    An A-Z of Herbal Tea

    Are you getting bored of your everyday builder’s breakfast tea? There are so many herbal and fruit infusions out there to try, with a whole host of benefits for your health, whether you prefer white, green, black or red tea. Here we’ve decided to compile a complete A-Z

    What Clothing Really Looks Like On Every Size

    Glamour magazine has been sharing a new series celebrating the beauty of every dress size by inviting real women to model historically body-conscious garments. The videos invite 15 women from US size 0 through to 28 (UK size 2 to 26) to try on the exact same item of clothing;

    Ballet and Body Dysmorphia

    | A real-life, relatable poem about the effect a ballet dancing teacher has on her students. The good, the bad and the sad. 'Polos' is a poem written and performed by Edinburgh based, US-raised storyteller and dancer Katie Ailes, all about a ballet teacher called Emma and her profound impact on

    5 Things You Don't Need - Advice from a Minimalist Blogger

    | If you don't love it, lose it. Valuable advice on how to declutter your life from minimalist living blogger Jenny Mustard. Here are 5 things you simply do not need. Plus an extra 2 things, because Jenny is adorable and forgot to say it was 7 not 5! She minimalises

    The End of an Era for Vice, New Look and Anti-Ageing

    This week we've been talking about ethical fashion podcasts, London Fashion Week Men's, and how to get a career in fashion. But what have we been reading about? Here are the top five fashion news headlines from around the web! Vice: A Company Built on a Bluff Shane Smith, Vice’