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    Mercury Retrograde & How to Survive it

    Mercury being in Retrograde is a term we hear quite a lot nowadays and to be honest it tends to be in the form of either an excuse, or a fearful warning. While the astrologically informed may be pretty familiar with Mercury Retrograde, most of us are pretty clueless. So

    Everything You Need To Know About BTS

    With their monumental performance at the AMA awards and complete destruction of practically every music chart in the world, K-Pop superstars BTS are looking like the first Korean act to not only break the West, but to dominate it. BTS officially debuted in 2013 under the company BIG Hit Entertainment

    Alternative Style: Jordan, The Original Punk It Girl

    When you say the name ‘Jordan’, for most people it will conjure up images of the busty page 3 girl; but rather than that Jordan, I would rather focus on Jordan Mooney. Jordan, whose real name was Pamela Rooke, is someone who many people may not know, but will almost

    Alternative Style Icons: Cyndi Lauper

    Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love an accessory - like I really LOVE an accessory - and my general rule of ‘more is more’ was hugely inspired by this icon: next in our alternative style series, Cyndi Lauper. To be honest Cyndi Lauper has hugely informed

    Alternative Style Icons: Shirley Manson

    When deciding on the series of Alternative style icons there was someone I knew from the very start that I was going to include, firstly because she is amazing, and secondly I really feel she is so under-appreciated – particularly when concerning her contribution to the look of the nineties – and

    Alternative Style Icons: Liberace

    Born to working class immigrant parents, Liberace was the highest-paid entertainer on earth in his heyday. A child prodigy and piano virtuoso who funded his excessive lifestyle through music, television, cinema and commercial endorsements, ‘Mr Showmanship’ embodied flamboyance and bold style, proclaiming himself a ‘one-man Disneyland’. Opulence There are definitely

    The Best Drag Queen YouTube Shows

    | Big hair, beat face and sharp witty humour. Get your fix of famous drag queens and soak up their realness. With the return of RuPaul’s Drag race, if you’re anything like me your thirst for drag queens will be at an all-time high. Let’s be honest, one

    Korean Dramas

    A time-jumping 90’s pop star? An exorcist that beats up ghosts? Alien boyfriend? A time-traveling tunnel? What about a vampire doctor? If this has piqued your interest at all, you are in luck: welcome to the world of Korean dramas. Before we start let’s just get this out

    The Death of Print?

    While we were just coming to terms with the final print edition of Nylon, along came another blow in the world of media with the announcement that Teen Vogue is ceasing its print edition, making it another digital only brand. With these few years being the most turbulent in print

    The Six Most Stylish Horror Movies

    Sometimes overlooked for their more ghastly elements, Horror movies, in my opinion, are some of the most stylish films, so look past the little girl possessed by a demon and check out her mum’s outfit: it's fierce. Suspiria Quite literally one of the most visually stimulating movies of all

    Top 10 True Crime Documentaries

    We are currently enjoying a True Crime renaissance with series’ like Netflix’s The Keepers and Making a Murderer being big time hits in what is generally a pretty niche genre. True crime is everywhere, so to indulge your macabre sensibilities, here is a list of unmissable true crime documentaries

    Alternative Style Icons: Vampira

    When you talk about a beautiful horror host dressed in a sultry form-fitting black dress, surely the first person that comes to mind is the absolutely iconic Elvira; and while Elvira is one of my all-time favorite cult icons EVER, another one is almost forgotten: the original horror host, Vampira.

    Plagiarism Within The Fashion Industry

    Big fashion houses and stores are ripping off independent brands - is there anything we can do about it? Plagiarism has always been the fashion industry’s dirty little secret, but in recent years it’s been just as dirty as ever, yet not so secret any more, with social

    The Death of a Muse: R.I.P Anita Pallenberg

    Called many things in her life, from “it girl”, to groupie, to muse, many people may not have heard the name Anita Pallenberg before, but we have all felt her legacy. The Italian-German actress and model passed away this week at the age of 73; and while that of course

    When Your Idols Let You Down

    We all have idols, some are a passing phase and some are with us forever. They can have a fundamental effect on our lives, our tastes; sometimes our whole identity. So it's no wonder that it can be so earth shattering when they turn out to be – well, put politely