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Reclaiming History’s Greatest Women

Who inspires you? It’s a relatively simple question, but for women this question can be tinged with sadness. While there are so many iconic women that we should be greatly influenced by, they are so often overlooked or at times completely wiped from history. As humans, we all look

Everything You Need To Know About BTS

With their monumental performance at the AMA awards and complete destruction of practically every music chart in the world, K-Pop superstars BTS are looking like the first Korean act to not only break the West, but to dominate it. BTS officially debuted in 2013 under the company BIG Hit Entertainment

Alternative Style Icons: Pat Butcher

Developing your personal identity can take years, and while experimentation and trend watching is fundamental, your personal choice of style icons is also crucial. Now, from my perspective, a true stylish individual is never someone who says Chloë Sevigny or Kate Moss is their ultimate style inspiration. I mean duh,

Podcasts: an Introduction

Almost everyone is listening to podcasts, but where the hell do you start? There is basically a podcast on every topic and new ones are being added daily, so rather than stress whilst poring over pages and pages of podcast listings, here is a handy little guide to get you

Introduction to Zines

At its most basic, zine is short for magazine. Firstly, let's break down specifics. There is much confusion over what a ZINE actually is and much of that confusion comes from ambiguous and at times interchangeable terminology. To clear up this confusion, here’s a simple breakdown: A post shared

Anxiety Self Care Tips

Mental health can be a difficult topic to write about, everybody has their very own personal journey. While I never intended to write about this subject, I came to the realisation that I have actually developed a pretty good number of anxiety self-care tips, which to be honest I actually

Alternative Style Icons: Liberace

Born to working class immigrant parents, Liberace was the highest-paid entertainer on earth in his heyday. A child prodigy and piano virtuoso who funded his excessive lifestyle through music, television, cinema and commercial endorsements, ‘Mr Showmanship’ embodied flamboyance and bold style, proclaiming himself a ‘one-man Disneyland’. Opulence There are definitely

Korean Dramas

A time-jumping 90’s pop star? An exorcist that beats up ghosts? Alien boyfriend? A time-traveling tunnel? What about a vampire doctor? If this has piqued your interest at all, you are in luck: welcome to the world of Korean dramas. Before we start let’s just get this out

K-Pop 101

*Disclaimer: Fashion Fix Daily is not responsible for any negative effects of reading this article. Possible side-effects may include: obsession, abandoning all other genres and trying to sing along with a language you don’t speak. Proceed at your own risk. Firstly, what is K-Pop? At its simplest, it is

The Death of Print?

While we were just coming to terms with the final print edition of Nylon, along came another blow in the world of media with the announcement that Teen Vogue is ceasing its print edition, making it another digital only brand. With these few years being the most turbulent in print