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When Your Idols Let You Down

We all have idols, some are a passing phase and some are with us forever. They can have a fundamental effect on our lives, our tastes; sometimes our whole identity. So it's no wonder that it can be so earth shattering when they turn out to be – well, put politely

Alternative Style Icons: Pat Butcher

Developing your personal identity can take years, and while experimentation and trend watching is fundamental, your personal choice of style icons is also crucial. Now, from my perspective, a true stylish individual is never someone who says Chloë Sevigny or Kate Moss is their ultimate style inspiration. I mean duh,

K-Pop 101

*Disclaimer: Fashion Fix Daily is not responsible for any negative effects of reading this article. Possible side-effects may include: obsession, abandoning all other genres and trying to sing along with a language you don’t speak. Proceed at your own risk. Firstly, what is K-Pop? At its simplest, it is