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    What Should You Know About Hair Extensions?

    | Your hair extensions may make you feel like whipping your hair back and fourth, but you might think twice if you knew where they came from. When considering whether to get hair extensions, the question that’s probably at the top of your mind is how much it will cost

    Your Guide To Treating Your Skin Via Your Gut

    | Work from the inside to the outside. Could your body be trying to tell you something? Consider a change to your diet to help your skin. The beauty supplement game is booming at the moment and food book releases are all about superfoods and eating clean. The correlation between our

    8 Ways To Use Multi-Purpose Balms

    | Pucker up... and more? How your handbag lipbalm may actually be useful for you in other ways too. Multi-purpose balms are a product that everyone should have in their handbags or in their pocket. They are good for the skin and have a multitude of different uses that can help

    What's The Deal With a Chemical Peel

    | Chemical Peels: What to know before you go in for a peel, and how to avoid coming out like a tomato. Getting a chemical peel can sound like a daunting prospect, but it doesn't have to end with a red, swollen face and peeling skin. There are more gentle, but

    The Lowdown on Radio Frequency Facials

    | The magic radio frequency facials that tighten skin and give you long-lasting, age-fighting results. If you have been considering a Radio Frequency treatment – a key, non-invasive way of skin tightening to target sagging and wrinkles – it’s important that you understand everything involved. Like with all aesthetic treatments, you should

    How a Lack of Sleep Affects Our Skin

    | Lack of sleep symptoms can slide past us without us noticing because we're so tired, but the effects of sleep deprivation might surprise you. You might not think there is a correlation between how you sleep and the look and age of your skin; but sleep plays a significant role

    From Astrophysicist to Pro Poker Player - Tips on Living Your Dream from Liv Boeree

    I didn't know much about poker before attending the PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino® in Monaco last year; but I know that I didn't have a whole lot of respect for the game. After learning how to play myself and meeting lots of poker pros, I quickly realised what

    Microneedling Tested: What You Need To Know

    | Before going through with facial treatments, be sure to know what you're getting into. Microneedling may give you the beautiful skin you desire, but there are no 100% guarantees with beauty. Last month I went to Charisma Studio in Glasgow to get Microneedling - a mildly-invasive anti-ageing treatment that causes

    The Future of Anti-Ageing Skincare

    | Ageing is natural and even the best anti ageing cream won't stop it from happening. But the question is, which skincare product is best for you? The skincare world evolves fast, with new products constantly coming onto the market and new ‘wonder’ claims popping up everywhere – it can be hard

    Pros/Cons of Eyelash Extensions

    | Eyelash extensions are currently one of the most popular beauty trends, but have you ever wondered if it is right for you? When you've been born with lashes that can't possibly compare to the models in magazines, it's common practice now to head to a beauty clinic for a treatment

    Dermaplaning - Everything You Need To Know

    | If you like trying new skincare trends then we're recommending you go and get a Dermaplane facial, and you can thank us later. Dermaplaning aka Dermablading is the hot beauty treatment of the moment and it’s one that’s here to stay. I just had to bring you the

    The Skin Benefits of Rosehip Oil

    | We talked to Corinne Morley at Trilogy about Rosehip Oil, and then we went out and bought it ourselves. You should try this new cruelty-free natural skincare phenomenon too. The multi-benefit Rosehip Oil is the basis of so many skincare products. It’s becoming increasingly popular - especially with natural

    The Dangers of Fake Beauty Products

    | Is that 'bargain' beauty product worth the cost of your health? The answer is no. Know how to spot a counterfeit product before you end up with your lips glued shut. The trade of fake beauty products is thriving and the only people benefiting from it are the rogue manufacturers

    10 Beauty Storage & Organisation Tips You Need To Know

    | Treat yo'self (and your makeup) to a makeup organiser. The way you store your beauty products can affect how they work. We all love makeup, especially shiny new makeup; but storing said makeup can be quite a difficult task that requires a lot of organisation. Here are ten tips on

    Is our glitter obsession harming the environment?

    | All that glitter, and all that gold... won't reverse the damage done to the environment from glitter lips and glitter hair. Glitter. That sparkly stuff we love to cover ourselves in. It’s harmless, right? Wrong! Those little shimmering specks have a terrible effect on the environment and marine life