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The Future of Anti-Ageing Skincare

The skincare world evolves fast, with new products constantly coming onto the market and new ‘wonder’ claims popping up everywhere – it can be hard to keep track. Everyone wants to look younger and so the industry is meeting this demand and constantly seeking to reach new heights. What is the

Why Are We So Obsessed With Korean Beauty?

Korean influences are everywhere now in Western beauty markets and the demand for products from Korea itself is high. Why are we so obsessed with Korean beauty? I spoke to two beauty retail experts with real Korean beauty expertise – Minnie Park from MiniB Beauty, a beauty marketing company specialising in

The Dangers of Fake Beauty Products

The trade of fake beauty products is thriving and the only people benefiting from it are the rogue manufacturers themselves. You may feel that you've snapped up a bargain on the likes of eBay and Amazon when you score that product you've coveted for a fraction of the price, but

The Skin Benefits of Rosehip Oil

The multi-benefit Rosehip Oil is the basis of so many skincare products. It’s becoming increasingly popular - especially with natural and organic beauty brands – but what actually is it and what does it do? I sat down to chat with Corinne Morley, the In-House Skincare Expert at Trilogy – a

Your skincare guide for winter

Winter really takes its toll on our skin, so we need to take some extra precautions and put a bit more effort into our skincare routines in order to keep it protected and nourished. The cold weather outside and the increase in central heating inside really dries out our skin,