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    Kirsty studied Law but now write about lipstick, shoes and politics on the internet. Sorry Mum. She likes to write about other things too, spot more of her work on her site hellotwobirds.com

    Has Treat Yourself Culture Gone Too Far?

    I hate reading about money. More specifically, I hate reading ‘money-saving guides’ – the patronising, holier-than-thou budget-stretching tips that do the rounds on the internet and in cringy women's magazines. The last thing I want to do when I’m nursing a killer hangover and drinking an overpriced smoothie from Juice

    Is Exercise The New 'Going Out'?

    |Thinking of switching your one (or ten) Gin and Tonic for a spin class or weightlifting? So are a lot of people. Here's why. It’s Friday night and the lights are low. Strangers bodies are pushing against me, sweaty and breathless as they mouth the words to their favourite

    How to Mix it Up, When You're Tired of Your Clothes

    |Nothing to wear? We know the feeling. Clothes can loose their charm, but trust us, these tricks can help you see them in a new light. How do you know the difference between a fashion dilemma and a style rut? Well, a fashion dilemma is pretty much what every woman

    Is 'Doing What You Love' Really the Key to Happiness?

    What do you do for fun? Seems like a corny question, I know, but I’m curious to hear about people's hobbies. Why? Because although us millennials spend around £419,556,233 each month on things like skydiving, music festivals and plane fares, I can’t think of one friend

    Why is it so Important to Have Friends at Work?

    |Building valuable relationships in every sphere of your life is important - and your work is no different! It’s not often that the plots of TV shows confirm my deepest fears and anxieties. From Pretty Little Liars to Stranger Things, our T.V shows today seem to get more

    Fashion Without Borders

    |Should Fashion be tackling the Immigration crisis and the injustices in our society? And when is our effort good enough? Fashion Without Borders could change lives. 2017, the year that Western designers came out fighting with political slogan T-shirts and a wave of feel-good campaigns. We had the Pink Pussy

    Should the Government be in Our WhatsApp Messages?

    |Whatsapp Privacy, Security, Government Surveillance, Spy gear?! It seems like this is all we ever hear about anymore. How scary is it really? What do you on WhatsApp? Talk shit about your ex-boyfriends? Send eye-rolling emojis about your boss? Perhaps a cheeky nude? Point is, what happens on WhatsApp – we

    Illamasqua Boycott Trump Supporters

    Activists on the catwalks, the return of political slogan T-shirts – and now a beauty company is boycotting some of its customers. Is this simply another controversial campaign? Or proof that when global politics are in turmoil, the fashion and beauty industry can come out fighting? This season, when you're browsing