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Kirsty McKenzie

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Kirsty studied Law but now write about lipstick, shoes and politics on the internet. Sorry Mum. She likes to write about other things too, spot more of her work on her site

Why Quitting Isn't for Losers

When we are younger, our parents teach us not to quit. No matter how much we hate it or how hard we find it, bad things are just something you have to learn to stick out. Don’t stop till you reach the top of the mountain. Eat all your

Has Treat Yourself Culture Gone Too Far?

I hate reading about money. More specifically, I hate reading ‘money-saving guides’ – the patronising, holier-than-thou budget-stretching tips that do the rounds on the internet and in cringy women's magazines. The last thing I want to do when I’m nursing a killer hangover and drinking an overpriced smoothie from Juice

Fashion Without Borders

2017, the year that Western designers came out fighting with political slogan T-shirts and a wave of feel-good campaigns. We had the Pink Pussy hats at the women’s march. The ‘We are all immigrants’ tees on the catwalk. At a time where the world feels divided and in constant