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    Freelancer covering everything from sequins to the suffragettes. She's a girl of two extremes; usually found in a dressing gown, or full-on leather jumpsuit.

    The Rise of Utilitarian Underwear

    Last week I put on a bra, and immediately had to photograph myself wearing it. Was it because this Agent Provocateur silk and eyelash lace number made me look so irresistible I needed to document it? No. It was because my areolas had escaped this 3cm of fabric, and were

    Navigating uni - Sex, lies, and suspicious parents

    For most people, going to university means the first time away from parents, the first time being completely independent, and also the first time having to take full responsibility for yourself. You will see more drama in these next few years that you ever thought possible. You may get chlamydia

    Is Personal Style Dead?

    Any article that references Isabella Blow in the first line is an article I can get down with… Normally. She’s an icon of mine, and someone that any dedicated follower of fashion wishes they could’ve known. That’s why the article that came after a quote by our