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    What To Do When Your Date Drops A Bombshell

    Content warning : I chat about mental health and suicide - hopefully helping people feel more at ease about talking to someone when they need help, and what to do if the person they talk to is you. Another day, another match. This time with Fijian photographer, ‘James’. We messaged for

    The Definitely Not Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Tinder Messages

    Being a woman and active on dating apps can be 'interesting'...for want of a better word. The opening messages you receive from thirsty internet randoms can vary from utterly boring, painfully cringeworthy to outright fucked up. And I've had my fair share of all of the above. 1. Nudes?

    What They Didn't Teach You In Sex Ed - Gender

    My memory of sex education in primary school was solely of the TV being wheeled into the classroom, where we watched an oh so 70’s video (even although this was well into the 90’s) showing diagrams of a penis and a vagina and how cis straight penetrative sex

    Is Tinder Dead? And What Are The Alternatives?

    Tinder has been around since 2012, and although it has served me well over the years and seen me dating, kissing and hooking up with people I probably wouldn't have met otherwise, I feel like it's days are numbered. Based solely on how you are intially attracted to the way

    Breaking my Tinder Virginity

    Due to the high volume of hilarious dates I seem to have had, I often get asked what my most ridiculous one has been. And there’s never any hesitation in which story I choose to tell. Grab yourself a cuppa (or a rum and coke may be more apt)

    Dating With Anxiety

    Anyone who enjoys having a crush on someone is definitely a masochist. The constant butterflies in your stomach, the over-analysing every message they send, the making up of scenarios in your head until you see them again - not a fun time for anyone! I have anxiety. And my anxiety

    Queer Catfish

    If I think about it, I’ve been online ‘dating’ since the early 2000s. I met my first boyfriend by exchanging an ‘A/S/L?’ in an AOL chat room, had a drama filled crush on a stereotypical guitar playing guy I met on FaceParty, and my sex life throughout

    Top Ten First Date Ideas

    I don't know about you, but fuck me, I am SO bored of 'let's grab a couple of drinks' dates. I mean, I get it. It's not too daunting, it's an easy way to get to know someone and there's the opportunity to get tipsy enough to banish any nerves

    A Dating Column With A Difference

    31-year-old single woman seeks a man who is more than just a bearded, puppy holding, guitar playing, ‘easy going guy’. Or a woman who doesn’t have a Snapchat filter permanently attached to their face. Hi, I’m Iona and when it comes to dating - I’ve just about