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    Monogram Mania: Why Personalisation in Fashion is Big Business

    What do you think of when you hear the word 'monogram'? For me, the word evokes visions of letterheaded stationery, patterned handkerchiefs, and the personalised LL Bean tote bags that every posh person used to take on holiday in the early 00s. It's easy to make a case for monograms

    Modest Fashion: What is it, and Why is it Having a Moment?

    If you want proof that change is afoot in the fashion world, look to London's Saatchi Gallery, which hosted the capital's first ever Modest Fashion Week last February. London Modest Fashion Week, or LMFW, came a few days after London Fashion Week itself, and saw the Saatchi playing host to

    How to Organise Your Life in One Week

    To say that we are all stressed out is an understatement. One of the worse things about being constantly busy with work, though, is that it's all too easy to let things escalate to the point that you start forgetting important dates, losing track of email threads and shoving important

    Sober & Sensible: Have We Become a Generation of Saffys?

    There's something strangely prophetic about Absolutely Fabulous, at least when it comes to Saffy Monsoon's ever-cautious persona. Amidst the exaggerated 80s hedonism, staid 20-something Saffy was ever the voice of reason, and the opposite of her mother, Edina, who, over the course of the show's first episode, worked her way

    5 Brilliant Books to Embrace the Longer, Darker Nights With

    Winter is officially in full swing. Gone are the days of post-work drinks in beer gardens – for most of us, the arrival of long, dark evenings and grim weather mean it's time to get ourselves indoors, pronto. With all the extra time you'll be spending on the sofa, Winters's a

    How to Meditate for Beginners

    Social media is full of beautiful, successful, popular people who seem to be, for want of a better phrase, 'winning at life' right now. Meanwhile, you're sitting at home in your pants, on your phone, eating Doritos and feeling bad about your life, wondering why some people have got everything

    Clean Eating - Why Do We Food Shame Online?

    Late last year I uploaded an Instagram of myself, after a night out, eating a kebab. Hashtag #goodbanter, right? Actually, no. Because not only is my banter dire, my food choices apparently are too. I had ironically hashtagged the shot with punchy phrases like #eatclean and #fitspiration (I told you:

    Why More of Us Should Get On Board With Fashion Rental

    Saying that you plan to put Zara out of business sounds like an outlandish statement to make. But when it comes from the mouth of Jennifer Hyman, CEO and founder of fashion rental company Rent the Runway, it doesn't seem all that implausible. Speaking to Glossy last month, Hyman explained

    An Insomniac's Guide to the Best Sleep Products

    Sleep: are you getting enough of it? I'm not. I never have. I blame tech and the attention-boosting, sleepiness-killing blue lights that come with it. I blame the fact that we have to put up with a working culture (that exists in the UK, at least) wherein people actually compete

    Top 10 High Street Designer Collaborations

    H&M's collaboration with Erdem is due to drop in a few days' time and, based upon how beautiful everything looks in the teaser pictures, it's going to be a surefire sell-out. It's nothing new for the Swedish fast fashion giant, though; Erdem will be the 17th designer to

    Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes to Try

    Halloween's just around the corner, but if you've found yourself stuck for inspiration this year, consider taking inspiration from these celebrity Halloween costumes. When you've got A-list resources (and an A-list amount of money in the bank), it's easy to go all out on your Halloween outfit, but we've also

    Paris Fashion Week SS18 Roundup

    The thrills (and frills) of Paris Fashion Week never fail to bring Fashion Month to an end in the most glamorous way possible. Because Paris is such a hotbed of creativity, and home to the majority of fashion's most-revered names, it's been difficult to pick out just a select few

    Milan Fashion Week SS18 Roundup

    We've seen London hone in on new talent and New York blend creativity with commercial appeal; next up on the Fashion Month schedule was Milan, which treated our senses to flamboyant prints, eccentric silhouettes and, of course, lots of characteristic Italian sass. Here's our pick of Milan's bellissima shows. Versace

    London Fashion Week SS18: Best in Show

    The world seems to be in a meltdown of sorts. Two hurricanes, a devastating earthquake and the prospect of nuclear war have filled up headlines recently but, somehow, it was all business at usual at London Fashion Week. Before we move on to vivacious, larger-than-life world of Milan, let's have

    Looking Back on Alexandra Shulman's Best Vogue Moments

    After the comparatively decadent 70s and 80s, the 90s marked a shift in attitude towards the way we dressed, how we wanted our bodies to look, and who our idols were. In a decade full of seismic waves across the fashion industry, then, being the editor of Vogue, and trying

    Just Graduated and Don't Know What to do Next? You're Not Alone

    For graduates, summer can be bittersweet. You finally completed the last leg of your academic career, and you probably graduated with smile on your face, surrounded by the people who've been propping you up (literally or otherwise) for the last 3-4 years. It's after this – after all of the group

    Smart Bags - What's the Point of Them?

    While American-born fashion is not known for its cutting-edge qualities, one thing fashion brands are nailing over in the States is tech. But what has fashion got to do with tech? You ask. Are you talking about light-up dresses and other weird things like that? Well, there's this brand called

    Our Copenhagen Fashion Week Highlights

    Blame Instagram and Pinterest, the normcore movement (remember that?!), all of those lifestyle blogs about minimalistic living – blame whatever you like – but, for some reason, the popularity of stripped-back Scandi style has boomed in recent years. And, in turn, so has Copenhagen Fashion Week. We've rounded up some of the

    Why Are Sexist Dress Codes Still a Thing in 2017?

    Last year, Nicola Thorp was hired by temp agency Portico as a receptionist, based in one of finance company PricewaterhouseCooper's London offices. As the story goes, Thorp turned up on her first day, head-to-toe in smart, black business attire, and was told that her shoes were inappropriate. The 28-year-old temp's