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How to Meditate for Beginners

Social media is full of beautiful, successful, popular people who seem to be, for want of a better phrase, 'winning at life' right now. Meanwhile, you're sitting at home in your pants, on your phone, eating Doritos and feeling bad about your life, wondering why some people have got everything

How to Organise Your Life in One Week

To say that we are all stressed out is an understatement. One of the worse things about being constantly busy with work, though, is that it's all too easy to let things escalate to the point that you start forgetting important dates, losing track of email threads and shoving important

The Best Celebrity Cruises

When it comes to themed cruises, we've seen it all. There's been a Harry Potter cruise, a Great British Bake Off cruise, a David Hasselhoff cruise, a Coachella cruise... we could go on. As long as our fascination with celebrity – and the enduring novelty of having a bit of a

Investment Pieces: Are They Worth the Price?

The term 'investment piece' is often bandied about by fashion writers, such is the allure of fashion purchases which, in an ideal world, increase in value after being purchased. But what gives a luxury item legs to become an investment piece, rather than a one-season wonder? And are investment pieces

Clean Eating - Why Do We Food Shame Online?

Late last year I uploaded an Instagram of myself, after a night out, eating a kebab. Hashtag #goodbanter, right? Actually, no. Because not only is my banter dire, my food choices apparently are too. I had ironically hashtagged the shot with punchy phrases like #eatclean and #fitspiration (I told you:

Paris Fashion Week FW17: Best in Show

Each of the 'Big Four' fashion cities has a distinct personality, each of which being very clichéd, yes, but also very true. New York is essential for sportswear, casual styling and good denim. Milan is where colour, eccentricity and tiny hemlines come into their own, and London is the place

Style Meets Politics at the Oscars 2017

Before it kicked off last night, President Trump had already made his opinions on the Oscars known: he wouldn’t be watching. It served as a perfect opportunity, then, for host Jimmy Kimmel to go on the offensive. He acknowledged the political elephant in the room early in the evening,

Calling BS on Valentine's Day

Why is it that all the things that make me want to throw up a bit inside my mouth are relationship-related? Whether it's cringeworthy Facebook statuses about how someone's boyfriend has spoilt them/given them a surprise gift/paid for their dinner, or finding out that someone has been proposed

Why Are Sexist Dress Codes Still a Thing in 2017?

Last year, Nicola Thorp was hired by temp agency Portico as a receptionist, based in one of finance company PricewaterhouseCooper's London offices. As the story goes, Thorp turned up on her first day, head-to-toe in smart, black business attire, and was told that her shoes were inappropriate. The 28-year-old temp's

Standouts from the AW17 Menswear Shows

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana went crazy for millennials last season but, for its latest menswear outing, the brand decided to take things up a notch by putting a bunch of millennials (51, to be precise) on the catwalk. The thing is, Fashion People tend to live in a

Looking Back at 2016's Biggest Fashion Moments

2016 is the year that fashion got 'real' Fashion is a volatile beast that will ruthlessly flog 'must-haves' for mere months before declaring them undesirable once again, and some of the season's most-hyped creations are very questionable indeed for those who don't follow the industry's movements closely. Case in point:

Top Moments from Fashion Month

Besides the furore over that bloggers vs journalists debate (which, in our opinion, should have stayed in 2009), what else did we take away from the SS17 collections? From a touching tribute to one of fashion photography’s greats to a slew of newly appointed creative directors, here are our