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Smart Bags - What's the Point of Them?

While American-born fashion is not known for its cutting-edge qualities, one thing fashion brands are nailing over in the States is tech. But what has fashion got to do with tech? You ask. Are you talking about light-up dresses and other weird things like that? Well, there's this brand called

Our Copenhagen Fashion Week Highlights

Blame Instagram and Pinterest, the normcore movement (remember that?!), all of those lifestyle blogs about minimalistic living – blame whatever you like – but, for some reason, the popularity of stripped-back Scandi style has boomed in recent years. And, in turn, so has Copenhagen Fashion Week. We've rounded up some of the

Steal Her Style: Chloë Sevigny

Art house film queen Chloë Sevigny never fails to kill it, style-wise, both on and off-screen, even after her 90s style heyday. Here, we break down some classic Chloë looks and show you how to recreate them on a non-movie star budget... The dreamy dress look It was pretty much

Activewear Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

As anyone who has been into Lululemon, looked at the price tags and promptly ran out of the store, holding back tears can attest, workout gear can be so expensive. Hurrah for fashion democracy, then, and the Great British High Street, for offering up financially viable alternatives for those of