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    LGBTQIA+ - what does it all mean?

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Alice Cruickshank As Pride celebrations continue into July and beyond, we're breaking down the acronym, plus explaining the history of this global parade. There are lots of great things about summer: the chance to break out warm weather clothing (sometimes), music festivals, and

    The Problem with MissPap’s Living Wage Wardrobe

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Sophie Benson. Earlier this year, online retailer MissPap launched their ‘Living Wage Wardrobe’. Ankle boots, jeans, dresses, bags, heels, jumpsuits; everything in the collection is available for just £7.50. Why? All in the name of supporting hard working women, apparently: “We stand

    Copenhagen: Brunch Guide

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Chloe Caprani. |Look no further for the best brunch places in Copenhagen. From traditional Danish breakfast to modern takes on the brunch plate, we're here, for brunch with the Danes! There is nowhere to go for brunch in Copenhagen, they said. No eggs

    The Best London Street Markets

    |London street markets are famous all over the world. We've gathered some of the best gems London has to offer. Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Rebecca Dickson. Street Markets are everywhere in London, from foodie paradise to a vintage connoisseurs heaven, there is something for everyone. Broadway Market

    Not All Girls Wear Dresses

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Lou Clave. This is my daughter Ophelia. Every single time we go out someone misgenders her. After I correct them they usually go on to point out her short hair or her build (which is gross considering she’s not even two) her

    Fashion in Pakistan – Top Trends

    |The beautiful fashion of Pakistan, is inspired by diversity, understated elegance and utter uniqueness. Get your indie style fix, right here! Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer M. Siddiqui. Diversity is the Spice of Life Fashion in Pakistan is celebrated across the map due to its diversity in style,

    Taking a risk - Motivational Monday

    |Risk is scary, but being a risk taker can be much more rewarding than staying comfortable. Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Richard Davies. Stop trying to control everything. Sometimes taking a chance or a risk and picking up the pieces or apologising later is better than inaction. Sometimes