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    Have Beauty Standards Gone Too Far?

    DEFINE BEAUTY The question of “Am I ugly” has probably crossed every person’s mind at some stage or the other. This thought-provoking video directed by Marie Schueller features young girls asking and answering this question. They explain how they see themselves especially in comparison with others. Making it easy

    Are Rompers The Next Big Thing in Men's Fashion?

    Rompers, or as we outside of America call them, playsuits are upping their game. As you know, we love unisex clothing and the fact that the romper (or should we say RompHim, no idea why they need to rename it, it's like meggings all over again) is joining the unsex

    The History of Eyebrows

    Eyebrows have seen it all, they have been through all of the changes that have come with the times. We cannot deny their importance in framing our faces. This video takes us back through the decades to really see the changes in how eyebrow shaping has come along over the

    Chanel Accused of 'Cultural Appropriation'

    Cultural appropriation sometimes feels like a term that is thrown around loosely in pop culture and the fashion community is no exception. But this time it is causing more of an outrage that we have seen in recent times. It started with the social media profiles of model and makeup

    Novak Djokovic is Lacoste's New Crocodile.

    Rene Lacoste, the creator of Lacoste was a beast on the Tennis court, he was nicknamed the crocodile because of diligence on the court. 1933 was the birth of the brand and the logo that we know all so well today. Novak Djokovic was named the new crocodile and face

    7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying

    Anyone that has ever tried to lose weight, ever, knows just how hard it can be. This video shows simpler ways of achieving the same goal without paying a painful amount of attention to what you eat and how you exercise. The attention is the hardest part. It consumes you

    Bridal Buddy - Is This The Product Every Bride Needs?

    Or is it the most hideous and unnecessary thing you've ever seen? Allow us to take you on a journey... Imagine it’s your wedding day, you’re wearing the most beautiful dress, filled with joy and feel like the only girl in the world. Okay, that not you? Right

    The Rise Of The Statement Bag

    Sarah Beydoun is bringing a whole new different meaning to statement bags. She makes statements for sure, but not just fashion statements, political and social statements also. From being a young sociology student volunteering with ex-prostitutes in a prison for her thesis, Sarah realised that the women in these situations

    Tattoos That Play Sound

    Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self-expression in this day and age. The skin is all yours and there’s a whole lot of it that can be used as canvas for the inking. Sound wave tattoos, as they are being called are the new stage in

    The Evolution of Douchebag Style

    From the Danny Zukos of Grease to the Steve Stiflers of American Pie, the style of the douche bag has evolved with each passing generation. This light hearted video looks at how the average douchebag and how their style has changed over the last 10 decades. If we’re being

    Mime et Moi - Shoes with Interchangeable Heels

    Mime et Moi, a German company has brought us a new generation of high heel shoes. Two words- interchangeable heels! Imagine wearing a pair of shoe to work in the morning and simply changing the heels as you leave work for a night out. The shoes come with 5 interchangeable

    Get Your Hair Axed Because Scissors Are Too Basic

    We are all picky about what hair dressers we go to right? And the biggest worry, besides hating your hair, is the service in the salon and all that comes with it, the boring chit chat, the endless clip clip of the scissors...well no more! The Russian hairstylist, Daniil

    Gucci Garden

    The video shows Gucci’s A/W'17 collection in the most beautiful of locations, Garden of Ninfa which is near Rome, Italy. Gucci takes inspiration from creationism in this video with visual references to the garden of Eden and the Story of Adam and Eve. The garden is beautifully highlighted

    VIDEO: Alexa's awkward dinner party

    Later this month, Alexa Chung’s fashion line will be hitting the stores, the 30th to be exact. The line will mostly be centred around glorious basics that every wardrobe needs, like everyday straight-leg jeans and fitting denim jackets. Before then though, she’s given us a good laugh in

    VIDEO: What does your dream handbag look like?

    Do you have a dream hand bag? If your don’t what would your dream one look like. I’m gonna give you a moment to think about it, and seriously think about it. Okay do you have it? Great because you can now design your own dream handbag! Thanks

    VIDEO: How Fashion and Jazz helped Liberate women in the 20's

    The 1920's wasn't just all flapper dresses. Find out what other fashion items helped shape an independent, rebellious and sexually liberated decade for women. Fashion is an ever changing industry, perfectly reflective of the social and political climate of the era. The 1920’s were no different. It was in

    VIDEO: Amazon's Echo Look, Your In-home Style Assistant.

    It's the home tech that can basically do everything! From reading you the news to taking your instagram #ootd, but just how good is the Amazon echo? It is incredible to see some of the technological advancements that are happening in the world around us every day, more so in

    Hugo Boss in the Smart Watch Market

    Can the smartwatch be made into an elegant accessory? Sit back and Watch as Hugo Boss adds style and class to the digital and practical. It isn't just activewear that is growing in popularity. We've all heard of the Apple Watch. Some of you may even be waiting on the